Confused me....

Destiny is playing a game with me,
You are worthless,
I escaped from there,
7 Bullets,

These four sentences are making me feel uncomfortable and major reason of being insomniac.
I am trying to find out the meaning, if any, of these sentences but couldn’t figure out any.
They are going through my mind from past 3-4 months or more, all day all night, while I am sitting, eating, reading, talking, even sleeping…..but couldn’t get the meaning of it.
Do they have any meaning??
If yeas then why I am not getting it??
Or they are meaningless, just another stupid imagination of mine??
But if they are meaningless then why I can’t get them off from my mind???
Strange and stranger thoughts are coming in my mind…
I think I know meaning of some, but not sure about them,

“Destiny Is Playing Game With Me”:

Hummm…. I think destiny is really playing game with me,
Some much unexpected things happened in my life,
Some brought very good results and some very bad results….
Some made me up in my life, some made me rethink on my past…
Some were more like a dark time span and some were like Golden time of my life…
That was a result of my “Little Efforts” and “Little Luck“….
So let’s see what does my destiny prepared for me in near future…..
So I know little about this sentence now, and to know full meaning I need to wait and watch….

“You Are Worthless”;

Yes off course, I am a big time worthless guy,
Can do so many things but can’t do those things which can make me feel good,
Always got an Okey-Dokey response from everyone never got any big comment for any work…
So I got the meaning of this sentence, and no wonder in near future I will listen these words very soon.

“I Escaped From There”:

I escaped!!!!!!
But why?? And from where??
I am getting more and more confuse when I think of it…
Does it indicate something Very unexpected? Or something really bad??
Life always brings you unexpected things,
So no wonder it will be something, neither I nor anyone can imagine….
So again I can just wait and watch…..

“7 Bullets”:

Now this is most confusing one,
As it could be related to my Love for biking, these 7 bullets can be 7 Royal Enfield Bullets,
Or if it’s not about bikes then it may cam in my mind because of the Game Of my life, Counter Strike, where I always chose Gun, Which has 7 bullets in each magazine…
Or if it’s not about Bikes or Computer Games, Then it’s about what??
Real Bullets!!!!
Ohh my.. I am getting more and more confused…..
Hope I will get some meaning of these sentences soon…
Till then I will enjoy my sleepless nights, wasting on my worthless writings :D………

Take Care..


  1. from where do u get these ideas? vry thoughtful ... mai itna sochun to mere to sare baal hi jadh jayen .... [:D]...

  2. yaar jab koi kaam-dhaam na ho to ye sab hi dimaag me aayega na........

    mere baal to abbi se hi aadhe hone lag ehain yaar :D


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