How I got my love........

Awesome!!!!!!!!What a beauty………

Yeah that’s the first thing which came in my mind, when I saw her for the first time.

I always believe that there is no such thing like Love at First Sight, but now I knew it exists,

And this love is making me more and more impatient day by day.

I didn’t knew if she is in my reachability or not, but it can’t stop me seeing her freshest ever beauty.

Now I started dreaming about her,

What will happen when she will be with me?

I think that time I need to take a can of room freshener, because of the smell of guys burning from jealousy.

Ahhh Dreams can make you feel really good, but still I am not sure about my future with her.

After watching her for so many days I got my first face to face encounter with her on 2nd October 2008,

She was looking gorgeous as always, standing alone in crowd, almost 30-35 people were staring at her,

I want to stop all those “Enemies of mine”, and wanted to say “Stop staring nerds she is mine”,


Then I heard a familiar voice calling my name, I saw here and there, but haven’t found anyone near,

I got a SMS saying “C’mon get in”; SMS was sent by the owner of Yamaha Showroom, who knows about my love affair……

As she was inside the showroom, I asked him about her,

He told me everything, but in the full conversation I loved these words,

“OTR 72990 /- INR”

Oh Man I was on cloud 9, Yes, Yes, Yes, She is in my reach,

Yes I can own a Yamaha FZ-16, The Lord Of The Streets,

The Most beautiful bike in India………..

I booked on that day by giving 10,000 bucks,

And got the Keys on 24th October, 2008, after that I am dead tired of people asking about the mileage and price of bike,

People even think it’s a 600 cc bike…..

For now that it about my love affair with her,

Soon I will post a review and my Ride Log too,

posting some pics of my love

Till the Take care and Enjoy………

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