How I got my love........

Awesome!!!!!!!!What a beauty………

Yeah that’s the first thing which came in my mind, when I saw her for the first time.

I always believe that there is no such thing like Love at First Sight, but now I knew it exists,

And this love is making me more and more impatient day by day.

I didn’t knew if she is in my reachability or not, but it can’t stop me seeing her freshest ever beauty.

Now I started dreaming about her,

What will happen when she will be with me?

I think that time I need to take a can of room freshener, because of the smell of guys burning from jealousy.

Ahhh Dreams can make you feel really good, but still I am not sure about my future with her.

After watching her for so many days I got my first face to face encounter with her on 2nd October 2008,

She was looking gorgeous as always, standing alone in crowd, almost 30-35 people were staring at her,

I want to stop all those “Enemies of mine”, and wanted to say “Stop staring nerds she is mine”,


Then I heard a familiar voice calling my name, I saw here and there, but haven’t found anyone near,

I got a SMS saying “C’mon get in”; SMS was sent by the owner of Yamaha Showroom, who knows about my love affair……

As she was inside the showroom, I asked him about her,

He told me everything, but in the full conversation I loved these words,

“OTR 72990 /- INR”

Oh Man I was on cloud 9, Yes, Yes, Yes, She is in my reach,

Yes I can own a Yamaha FZ-16, The Lord Of The Streets,

The Most beautiful bike in India………..

I booked on that day by giving 10,000 bucks,

And got the Keys on 24th October, 2008, after that I am dead tired of people asking about the mileage and price of bike,

People even think it’s a 600 cc bike…..

For now that it about my love affair with her,

Soon I will post a review and my Ride Log too,

posting some pics of my love

Till the Take care and Enjoy………


  1. nice love story ...
    such a true love..[:p]
    no one can seperate true lover from his love
    and you got your love finally..

  2. itana kuch padhane ke baad mere pas kuch comment nhi hai....
    bas very very very....fantabulous....

  3. thanx bro's and SIs'
    yeah finally i got my true love, who will be with me without any hassle...and without looking at size of my pocket :D

  4. i know it's very (VERY VERY VERY) late :P :P
    but congrats :D :)


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