What God decided for me and what I decided for me………

What God decided for me and what I decided for me………

God has given me some options,
Options that can make my future good or dreadful,
Options that can make my present, trouble-free or intricate,
Options that can make me near or far from others,

God told me to choose between Love and Hate;
I chose love that can make me feel this great feeling with eternity,
But I proved wrong, I lost My Love, and now I don’t want it anymore……
Yeah I give up love……But still I love my family……

God told me to choose between Smile and tears;
I chose Smile; it was a clear decision,
I don’t want to feel negative; it made me feel happy even in very tough times,
But still as a side effect, now it’s hard for people to believe even I can feel sorrow sometimes…..

God told me to choose between Luck and Hard Work;
Here I took the best decision I can take,
I chose 90% hard work and 10% luck,
It proved right till now, but sometimes, I saw people went ahead of me, without any hard work.
I think they chose 100% luck, but It can’t help you every time, everywhere, because at last “Your Work Speaks For you”……

God told me to choose between Growth and Satisfaction;
I chose satisfaction, because I want to live peacefully,
Still I don’t know my decision is right or wrong. Satisfaction can make you feel good, can give you peace of mind, but what you feels always doesn’t matters, truth may be very far from your feeling……

God told me to live with family or live my own life as I want;
I chose the farmer, as I don’t just want to live with family; I want to live for my family.
They are everything for me, I know if I had a fall in my life, they are with me to make me stand again and take my step forward.
And this decision proved right and will be always right…..

Till now my decisions seems like a bit right and a bit wrong, so it’s ok, I mean if all things will go as we want, then what will be the joy in living a human life…..

Take care....
Keep Smiling


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