Is my Blog Dying???

Sometimes; which is always in my case :D ; I think about myself.

I am no writer or poet or even a Film star [";] then what should I write in my blog?

I have no such life which is full of happenings or full of friends so I can write about them,

But then I come to a conclusion; after wasting 3-4 hours in that I write when I feel I am lonely,

Or when I have nothing to do, which is 6 days in a week ;); Sundays are reserved for Bike wash :),

Or when I actually think about something which sounds some sense.

I don’t know what I am writing now is sensible or just another worthless thought coming from my little brain,

But what I know is, I want to write something, to keep my blog alive,

So this is it,

I created another post :),

No matter who is going to read it,

But of course I will read it again,

When I write some more nonsense to keep my blog alive :)

So till next post keep Smiling

Anjit :)


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