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Where are you???

When I wrote my name on sand, you stopped me,When I kept silence, you broke it,When I felt blue, you changed my mood,When I had no one near me, you hold my hand,I still write my name on sand, why you don’t stop me,I even stop talking to myself, why you don’t irritate me,I am alone, why you are not with me….

College Boy Again :D

After sitting like a nut at home from quite a long time,Finally my “NEW” College is starting,And guess what, I am College Boy, Yet Again!!!Don’t know what’s waiting for me there,But I am sure it will be Fun…My classes will start on Monday,And I am supposed to follow school like rules,See who get changed,Me or My College :D, my bet is on later one….But one thing I want to say,I never thought I will say it, but today I am really missing my college today,I spent my best three years there,I wish it had MCA too, I would definitely Chose it as my first priority…No more words to say for now,Till the next time,Take careAnjit :)

I Forgive Them all.....

Do you ever felt like looser?If not, then you never tried anything new in your life,
If yes, then you can understand the feeling of NOT being able to do something….I will take you some years back….When I was 6-7 years old, trying to learn riding a Bicycle…But failed almost 1000 times and finally I gave-up,And swore I will never Ride any Bicycle…But if are a kid who is surrounded by 20-30 other kids, some of them even younger than you, who can ride not only their bicycles but they flips with others too, You can’t afford to give up.…So for next few months after Nearly Breaking some bones and liters of blood I give up…But after a year or two, I again tried and Learned Okey-Dokey Riding….But what’s The Point in going back in memories…There is one….When I learned How to Ride a bicycle,I was eager to ride a Motorcycle…that too at age of 11 years!!I was lucky to get hands on some very Light weight Bikes like Bajaj Boxer, Bajaj AX-100(you heard about it?)….Started with just sitting on bike wit…

तेरे जाने का हुआ मुझ पर ऐसा असर,

शायद कुछ दूरहैं हम,शायद कुछ दूर हो तुम,
यह दूरियां कुछ बातों की हैं,या चंद मुलाकातों की हैं,
तलाशा तलशता रहा तुम्हे हर जगह, हर पल,
पर जानता हूँ अब तुम मुझसे दूर कहीं हो,
मेरी हर खामोशी का सबब,
मेरी दुनिया में एक खालीपन की वजह,
मेरी मुस्कराहट में छिपा दर्द हो तुम,
तुम्हे भूलने की तो मैंने कोशिश भी नहीं की,
क्यूंकि तुम तो मेरी आंखों में हो,
मेरे अश्क तुम्हारी यादों को नम करते रहते हैं,
मेरी जिन्दगी के पन्नो को भिगा कर चले जाते हैं,
तेरेजानेकाअसर हुआ यूँ मुझपर,
तेरे न होने के अहसास को,
मैंने सदा के लिए भुला दिया,

वो हँसी की खनक, अब भी सुनाई देती है,
वो आंखों की चमक अब भी दिखाई देती है,
हर बात, हर मुलाक़ात अब भी याद है,
पर अब बस ये एक याद है,
इन यादों को भी ख़्वाबों का सहारा चाहिए,
अब तो ख्वाब भी आंखों से रुठे हुए से लगते हैं,
पलकों से अश्क भी टूटे हुए से लगते हैं,
आज मुझे अहसास हुआ,
तेरा जाना ख्वाब नहीं हकीक़त था.....

Missing You.....

It's All About An Art Called "wasting time" :D

So as the Title suggest I am going to tell some ways of wasting time.Wasting time is an art which gives you satisfaction and Peace of mind,I bet it’s better than Meditations :D…So here it goes,How to waste Time-A. Orkut-1.Join Orkut,2.Join 500+ communities,3.Make 1000 friends,(max limit for friend list)4.Make your scrap count near to 20000.5.Upload all 9999 photos (max limit)6.Now Delete all your friends,7.Delete all your communities,8.Delete all your albums,9.And finally Delete your orkut account,10.Now start from Step 1!!!!!! :DB. Create a Blog-1.Create a Blog on any blogging Site,2.Choose heaviest template for it,3.Add All Gadgets to it,4.Copy and paste from Other’s blogs to make your blog posts,5.When you complete 1000 posts , start Reading from post one,6.When you reach 1000th post, simple Delete your Blog,7.Now Start From Step 1!!!!!!! :DC. Join Chat Rooms-1.Here comes my Most Hated Chat Rooms,2.Join yahoo Chat Rooms,3.Download Mig33 on your Mobile and use it from 12 am …


Whaaammmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!Thubbbbbbbb!!!!!!!And a dead silence, everything went black that too at 8’o clock morning….Do you know what that sounds mean…They are sounds of accident…..Yeah its 3 rd time when I met an accident (will tell my other accidental stories some other day), and again I proved Innocent Accident King….This time it was fault of bulls who didn’t know Bull Fighting s not national game of India...Damn!! Why don’t they try to play hockey, but who in India Plays hockey; except national hockey Team…Anyways why we are getting into this “unimportant” matter,Important matter is I met with accident and again all my speculations for all my injuries are right…A big hit on my Right Knee, swelling on left leg, a thumping shot on lower back,Surprisingly no injury on shoulder and Elbows this time…But still it hurts…..ahhh..BTW forgot to tell how I met with this accident…..I was going with someone (Name is hidden because of request....Ahem) sitting as a pillion having some packets o…