I Forgive Them all.....

Do you ever felt like looser?

If not, then you never tried anything new in your life,

If yes, then you can understand the feeling of NOT being able to do something….

I will take you some years back….

When I was 6-7 years old, trying to learn riding a Bicycle…

But failed almost 1000 times and finally I gave-up,

And swore I will never Ride any Bicycle…

But if are a kid who is surrounded by 20-30 other kids, some of them even younger than you, who can ride not only their bicycles but they flips with others too, You can’t afford to give up.…

So for next few months after Nearly Breaking some bones and liters of blood I give up…

But after a year or two, I again tried and Learned Okey-Dokey Riding….

But what’s The Point in going back in memories

There is one….

When I learned How to Ride a bicycle,

I was eager to ride a Motorcycle…that too at age of 11 years!!

I was lucky to get hands on some very Light weight Bikes like Bajaj Boxer, Bajaj AX-100(you heard about it?)….

Started with just sitting on bike with Engine off, and pushing it on plain ground…

Soon this all turned to Changing Gears and Popping Wheelies on ‘em…

I was lucky enough to Ride Bullet at age of 13-14,

One of my friend’s father had a bullet, and he was kind enough to teach us How to Ride a bullet….

But again what’s the sense if I started Riding Motorbike @ age of 12-13….

It has a Sense…

Coming direct to my point…

Today I am 20+ but 21- years old,

and People ask me "why you Ride so fast??

I always reply “It’s hard to say

People say “it can take your life someday!!!

I reply “So what?

People say”You want to die early?

I reply “No

People say “Than why you ride fast?

I reply “I ride fast is not matter, matter is How I ride Fast,

I don’t know how to ride a doubled Bicycle but I can ride @ 160 kmph, with one hand on handlebar

People say “So you race...eh…

I knew this since i was a kid That I will Ride Fast when I grow-up, But I never Race with rage…

I race with MYSELF; I want to leave behind everything,

I forget what happened in my past…

I forget those kids who Zooms past me on their Bicycles,

I forget those Nuts who believe wearing a helmet can Spoil looks of their Pig like hairstyle…

I forget those Crab Bandage’s and Pain killers, which I took after falling from Bicycle...

Even Whenever I met accident, I always had speed less than 30 kmph...

Isn’t it sufficient to know Why I Ride Fast………….

If Not Then I can only say...

I don’t ride fast; I ride faster than other…

If others can’t match my speed they can stay away…

This is it,

You all can understand what I am going through,

But forget it…as always I forgive the all…

Till Next Time Take care.



  1. nice blog but dont u think its lil big??
    it would be nice if u make it smaller.. ;)

    jus an opinion... :)

    haf fun

  2. Hi Anoop,
    Thanks For reading,

    Its Half size of my real Post which I wrote In my Notebook :D
    but you can understand what kind of questions people ask, when they see someone Riding With More Responsibility......


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