It's All About An Art Called "wasting time" :D

So as the Title suggest I am going to tell some ways of wasting time.

Wasting time is an art which gives you satisfaction and Peace of mind,

I bet it’s better than Meditations :D…

So here it goes,

How to waste Time-

A. Orkut-

1. Join Orkut,

2. Join 500+ communities,

3. Make 1000 friends,(max limit for friend list)

4. Make your scrap count near to 20000.

5. Upload all 9999 photos (max limit)

6. Now Delete all your friends,

7. Delete all your communities,

8. Delete all your albums,

9. And finally Delete your orkut account,

10. Now start from Step 1!!!!!! :D

B. Create a Blog-

1. Create a Blog on any blogging Site,

2. Choose heaviest template for it,

3. Add All Gadgets to it,

4. Copy and paste from Other’s blogs to make your blog posts,

5. When you complete 1000 posts , start Reading from post one,

6. When you reach 1000th post, simple Delete your Blog,

7. Now Start From Step 1!!!!!!! :D

C. Join Chat Rooms-

1. Here comes my Most Hated Chat Rooms,

2. Join yahoo Chat Rooms,

3. Download Mig33 on your Mobile and use it from 12 am Night to 7 am morning ,take a break then start @ 8 am morning to 2 pm noon, again take a break for lunch, start from 3 pm to * pm night, take a Dinner break and start @ 9 pm and if your cell phone refuses to start then Re-Charge battery .

4. If you don’t have Internet connection, go to nearest Tea Stall and find some Chatter Boxes who can satisfy your urge to chat, talk to them on International Matters.

If you have any other Good ways to waste time please Drop in comments ;)….

BTW I wasted 1 hour, thinking of how to write On Wasting time :D…

I want My Time Back!!!!!!!!!!

Anjit :)


  1. lol... this one's funny... you are right by the way.... orkut really consumes a lot of time..

  2. I think you ought to consider facebook too!
    All the games and apps will help you waste the best years of your youth!

  3. Nice To see people likes Wasting Time :D

    Next Time ;)

  4. simply awesome post........
    grt sarcasm....
    i liked it a lotttttt


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