And a dead silence, everything went black that too at 8’o clock morning….

Do you know what that sounds mean…

They are sounds of accident…..

Yeah its 3 rd time when I met an accident (will tell my other accidental stories some other day), and again I proved Innocent Accident King….

This time it was fault of bulls who didn’t know Bull Fighting s not national game of India...

Damn!! Why don’t they try to play hockey, but who in India Plays hockey; except national hockey Team…

Anyways why we are getting into this “unimportant” matter,

Important matter is I met with accident and again all my speculations for all my injuries are right…

A big hit on my Right Knee, swelling on left leg, a thumping shot on lower back,

Surprisingly no injury on shoulder and Elbows this time…

But still it hurts…..ahhh..

BTW forgot to tell how I met with this accident…..

I was going with someone (Name is hidden because of request....Ahem) sitting as a pillion having some packets on both hands,

So was no support of Grab rail of my Bike…

We were doing a 20-25 kmph (which is rather walking then riding),

We saw some bulls standing in middle of road,

So we took far most left side, to ensure we don’t get hit by their stinky tails (uhhh I hate them),

But there was something else to hit us…

When we were parallel to those almost 200 kg bulls (may be less but they were Huge)...

They thought of Fighting for an Old matter…and Full Black one run towards Black And White One…

I think Black one was jealous of B&W one’s fair complexion….

And with full force hitted him by his 3 feet long Horns…..

And poor B&W bull couldn’t take that much force and collide with my Bike…

And after than….



And I was in Christ position that too on middle of road, thinking why the hell that black bull tried Fair And Handsome Cream, it can make anyone fairer than other, then why don’t Bulls…

And forget to tell, again this time not a Single Scratch on My Bike…

Yamaha Rocksss and Bull Suukzzz…

This is it,

Need to take some rest,

I am in dead need of it,

So till the next time Take care,

Anjit :)

BTW for kind of reader's help,

all parts written in Italics and Red are my Insane thoughts, which belongs to my worthless brain ;)...

so don't mind 'em :D


  1. tch tch ... so sad..... BTW nice write up .... and next time u see them fighting offer them a "fair and handsome" tube... [:haha]

    and u didn't mention what happened to the ride pillion .. [;)]

    and... get well soon!!!

  2. Thanks akhil
    he he i was sitting as pillion yaar :D
    someone else was at riders seat :(

  3. oh how dangerous.Hope you recover pretty soon.
    Good humour in the post enjoyed the read.

  4. thanks for reading Angel,
    it was a close encounter,but people like me can find humour in such events :D

  5. lol..get better soon :P .. poor B&W! .. m more concerned abt him .. :D
    be careful :) God bless,,

  6. he he Thanks Hafsah,
    yeah even i was searching for B&W today morning to ask him what Fairness Cream he used :D

  7. ohhhhh..... poor u and poor B& W one :P

    get well soon buddy

  8. how are u now??
    anyways now i'll always be carefull from bulls....[;)]


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