those days that i couldn't forget...

Confused mind with different thoughts,
Couldn’t judge 'em; right or wrong.
Prayed and prayed to reveal the truth,
but, was fallen blindly in love.
couldn't believe my eyes when together,
couldn't trust my ears when together,
but, controlled myself went together,
that led to me in state of blankness.
Loved and loved even then,
that helped to reveal more and more.
Depressed mind with sleepless nights,
getting disturbed often and often...
Felt as if losing myself wholly
would went for pegs and smokes for peace,
but, held myself from moving further.
Couldn't get peace being at home,
started going here and there,
felt the taste of being lonely again,
that made me to be on bike for long..
my mind got tied up with stress,
that changed me a lot day by day,
fell on road once; escaped by chance
that made me think, not so fine.
No one near from my home,
made me think of every bad move,
blessed me with some helping souls,
who helped me to reach over here.
Still gets disturbed by those colorless words,
awakes by hearing calling my name,
knows not fine to move so further,
will b coming out with my aims beyond.
yeah still i remember 'em all,
Those days that I couldn't forget......


PS. Its Not My Life Story [";]....

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