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The Forlorn Soul………………….

Sitting with friends, creaking some jokes,Laughing all time and clapping till it get over,It all may look like fun,But it really is a pain for someone,He is tiered of those long mindless chatters,Can’t leave it all in one shot,He had to live up to his social responsibilities,Just give him some time for himself,Sitting all alone in deep silence,He will bring out his notebook,Will write some random thoughts,Which may not have any meaning,But has lots of feeling,Yeah, he is the Forlorn Soul,Someday he ‘ll reclaim his life,Till the time, he has to pretend,And live someone else’ life………..

Anjit :)

The change is forever……..

Stopped breaking the silence,Jokes didn’t sound funny anymore,Surrounded by lots of new faces,Who have no expression,Keeping eyes closed,Thinking of nothing,What I fear is not that fearful,But it’s something which is affecting me,I fear about those invisible winds of change,Did they bring a change in me?Asked it many times,Couldn’t figure it out,But I really feel, I am changed,Not wholly, but quite a lot,Need to wait to see the effect,Whatever it is it’s unequivocal that,The change is forever……..

Anjit :)

Eyes can ‘really’ speak…………

Tears in eyes, dressed carelessly,
Hairs were falling on her face,
Trying to avoid eye contact,
This is how I met her on stairs,
She gave me a fake smile,
While hiding her teary eyes,
Those eyes instructed me, to avoid any question,
I realized, Eyes can speak more than words,
Couldn’t resist asking one,
But dropped in the middle of my thought,
I can feel the intensity of her pain,
Had no courage to share it either,
I held her hand tightly, and said,
“Everything will be alright soon”,
And now I have a new opinion,
Words said while seeing in the eyes,
Can speak much more than anything,
I saw her face,
Still tears in eyes, but with a genuine smile,
Yeah, eyes can ‘really’ speak…………

Anjit :)