Eyes can ‘really’ speak…………

Tears in eyes, dressed carelessly,
Hairs were falling on her face,
Trying to avoid eye contact,
This is how I met her on stairs,
She gave me a fake smile,
While hiding her teary eyes,
Those eyes instructed me, to avoid any question,
I realized, Eyes can speak more than words,
Couldn’t resist asking one,
But dropped in the middle of my thought,
I can feel the intensity of her pain,
Had no courage to share it either,
I held her hand tightly, and said,
“Everything will be alright soon”,
And now I have a new opinion,
Words said while seeing in the eyes,
Can speak much more than anything,
I saw her face,
Still tears in eyes, but with a genuine smile,
Yeah, eyes can ‘really’ speak…………

Anjit :)


  1. its a real fact.......
    one can hide his/her feelings,but their eyes tells the real truth


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