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एक कहानी

उन रास्तों में अब मैं नहीं मिलता,
जहां अक्सर मुझसे सब मिला करते थे,
अब वहाँ बस मेरा साया ही दिखता है,
अँधेरे में एक ख़ामोशी को ओढकर ,
सर्द मौसम को महसूस करता हुआ,
कभी गर्दन उठाकर आसमान को ताकता,
कभी चाँद से सवाल करता,
तो कभी तारों से जवाब मांगता,

वो साया अब मेरे साथ नहीं है,
शायद मिल जाए कभी उन गलियों में,
खोया हुआ अपने आप में कहीं,
रहता कैद पहरे में यादों के,
करता बातें सारी पुरानी,
जैसे सुना रहा हो कोई कहानी....

AnSh :)

कुछ पाया कुछ खोया

संभालना चाहता था मैं दिल को,
पर वो संभला ना कभी,
चाहता था एक जिंदगी खुद के लिए,
पर वो मिली ना कभी.

जो मिली मुझे,
वो जिंदगी थी तेरी,
जो खोया मैंने,
वो दिल था मेरा.

ना कहा कुछ तुने,
ना कहा कुछ मैंने,
और फिर जो हुआ,
वो प्यार था हमारा,
जो पाया मैंने बस यूँ ही....AnSh :)

Be with You always ♥

I always tried to feel you absence,
I never felt as if you are not here,
My tears get dry with feel of you breath,
When I find no one near,
You whisper in my ears,
Still I am unable to figure out.....

You filled Love in my life,
And I still Feel it for you,
You still hold my heart,
Why I can't hold you now?

I know you are still around me,
I know You still see after Horizon,
You will always be in my side,
Because this is the place Only You belong,

Is that you or your memories,
Which always brings a Smile,
Which reminds me of good old days,
Why this smile takes a lot of pain?

You taught me how to love,
And be happy on small things,
You are my happiness,
Why I didn't realized it earlier?

I love my dreamless nights,
I love the Endless days,
I love my solace,
because this is the only way,
I can be with you.....

AnSh :)

I love love stories....

I remember you told me
That You love the love stories,
I felt good as I can speak my heart to you,
But today when I am standing,facing you,
I don't know what will I say ,
I too have a love story,
Where you are my angel,

I gathered all my courage.
And said “Would you like love me?”,
You smiled at me and said “yes”,
With slowest of your voice,
I felt as I am on cloud nine...
Now i can say,
Yes I love love stories....

AnSh :)

Audio Version of a Poem :)

after quite a long time I recorded a Poem of mine
which I wrote on my Facebook page.(Bas Yun Hi)  earlier.
I know neither of the two,i.e. My voice and poetry is good,
but its just a try.
Comments are welcome :)

AnSh :)


Dedicated to YOU

If we were not meant to be together,
Why you came in my life?

If you meant to go away,
Why you mate me?

If my dream meant to be shattered,
Why we were together in it?

When I was living my life alone,
Why you came in my life?

If decision of love is made in heaven
Why you went back there?

If I am still waiting for you,
Why you are not here?

If you are listening,
why can't i hear you replying?

If You can still see me,
why can't i see you?

where are you...........


एक शहर अनजाना सा....

मेरी मंजिल का मुझे गुमान नहीं है,
पर शायद है वो एक शहर यादों का,
जिसकी गलियों में खुशी बहती हैं,
मुस्कुराहटों से हर सुबह होती है,
प्यार की छाँव हर शख्स पर दिखती है,
कभी कभी गम भी नुमायाँ होता है,
पर सिर्फ साये में गिरती दीवारों के,
ना जाने है कहाँ ये शहर,कहाँ हैं ये गलियाँ,
शायद है यह बस एक ख़याल,
जो आता रहता है हरदम बस यूँ ही....

AnSh :)

You and I

I know you are gone,
But I don’t believe it,
I know we are done,
But I don’t believe it,
You said you’d be back soon,
But I never knew you won’t,
You said a lot of things,
But I said none,
You said “I love you”,
But I never said “yes me too”,
I thought it’s not the right time,
But you knew I will never have later,
I know you are far,
So far from here,
But still we are close,
trust me so close,
You might not know,
But I still feel love for you....


A Lament Thought

I kept walking in the rain,
With each step,forgetting my pain,

Eyes had tears and heart with smears,

Mind was jumbling in yours thought,

And I heard your sweet voice,

Which I still haven’t forgot,

You were calling my name,

Standing by the side of a shed,

I saw you wearing the white dress,

You looked like an angel of the Heaven,

And your smile made me forgot things,

That what had been happened to you,

What had been happened to me,

I felt as if we are still together,

Rain felt no more lament,

your presence made it fragrant,

I tried holding your hand,

But it was all hollow,

And my happiness became shallow,

I looked at you with amazed,

You still had that smile but little fade,

I smiled with you too,

But with tears and pain,

Still my heard is paining,

You know why?

because it’s still raining....


First walk together

Dedicated to one who made me write my  heart on my blogs...
Love you,miss you...

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एक अधूरी कोशिश.....वो मेरा चाँद था

जो था फलक पर आसमान के,
वो मेरा चाँद था ,
फलक से उतर कर,
आ बैठा था मेरी खिडकी पर,
जो जागा सारी रात मेरे साथ,
वो मेरा चाँद था,

अक्सर यूँ ही जागा करते हैं हम,
सारी रात बातों के साथ,
बांटते खुशी और गम को,
एक प्याली चाय के साथ,
जो कभी हँसता तो कभी रो पड़ता,
वो मेरा चाँद था,

कल फिज़ा कुछ बदली सी थी,
सब कुछ नम सा था,
आसमान पर बादल भी थे,
मैं ढूँढता रहा जिसे सारी रात,
वो मेरा चाँद था......

~AnSh :)

तितलियाँ यादों की बस उडती ही जाएँ.....

Dedicated to old memories
read on
AnSh :)

ये मन कुछ आवारा सा है

After a long time I wrote  a poem in Hindi.
read on...

Finding Love

Last night I had a nearly sleepless night but in the little part of my sleep, i dreamt of a place where I  found real solace for which i was searching from quite a long, and in the dream i wrote some random thoughts, which came up as usual i.e. Dark and Blue, but still I like the thoughts (since they are mine :)) and hence posting 
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AnSh :)

I wish I had the wings

A  gloomy thought
read on AnSh..


this poem belongs to Parag Bhaisaab ,
who sent it me as an comment on this  Photograph,..

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AnSh :)

the last wish

All the characters,and places in this post are result of a mindless thought, But are based on some real events… Its my first attemp to write a fiction and its little long, so please jehl lena 
and my hearty thanks to Aradhya and Sachin for reviewing the story

AnSh :)

the last wish

All the characters,and places in this post are result of a mindless thought, But are based on some real events… Its my first attemp to write a fiction and its little long, so please jehl lena 

the last wish

All the characters,and places in this post are result of a mindless thought, But are based on some real events… Its my first attemp to write a fiction and its little long, so please jehl lena 

kaash fir ek baar....

I don't know why, but whenever i try to write something,
it end up being a blue thought,
again here is a poem (may be)
with some blue thoughts, read on...

AnSh :)

its raining...

Rain, season of love for many, but for me its season of remembered of love, which is no more left in my life, Love which is shattered.... again this poem is dedicated to kiko,


I still Feel the love for you

this poem is picked up from an ORKUT community
i just loved the each n every part of it,
so thought of sharing,
I have no idea of the original peot,
but still I live the poem :)

AnSh :)

I too had a love story...

After getting recommendations of lots if my friends including Shubh,Rhan,Neha,Niharika,Raman,Bhopali,Aradhya and many more (i would have been killed if i hadn't mentioned their names :D)
Finally i found and bought the Novel I too Had a love Story ignoring few things which were in my mind,
and as per my Rule for reading (No novel can last more then one night), I completed this one in one sitting as well.
knew about the story well, as i already read its plot from Internet,
completed it 7/8th June ,in the way which i usually complete i.e. One Night Read....
I don't know why i was relating each and every incident with my life, though mast of them were not at all related.May be it was due to the name of the central character.
As novel reach to the end,
I felt so blue and I really wanted to cry hard, but believe me I didn't,
Somehow completed it with tears filled in my eyes,
and then moved out of home at 3:30 am,
took my bike and reach to the place, where I used to sit whenever …


here comes my another weird random thought,
Don't know if it qualifies as poem,
but still its an random thought
so bear with it :)

Ansh :)

In search of me....

कभी कभी ज़िन्दगी में आप पीछे मुड़कर जरूर देखना चाहते हैं,
कुछ सवालों के जवाब ढूँढना चाहते हैं,
कुछ इसी कश्मकश को बयां करती है मेरी ये Blogpost...

AnSh :)


Got this poem via SMS, loved each n every line of it, an i think it deserves to be saved forever, I have No idea, who is poet of it, but i must say, each and every line is wrote by heart... enjoy AnSh:)

उड़ने दो........

महसूस करने दो,
हवा की नमी को,
मिट्टी की खुशबू को,
देखने दो अक्स अपना,
नदी में,तालाब में,
सहने दो ,
धूप की तपिश को,
वक़्त के थपेड़ो को,
बिखरने दो ,
अपनी पहचान को,
बस उड़ने दो,
इस नीले आसमान में,
पंख लगा दो,
मेरे अरमानो को,
उलझने दो,
मेरे ख्यालों को,
उलझने से ही तो सुलझना होगा
पंखो से ही हवा महसूस होगी,
बिखरने से ही निखरना होगा,
धूप से अक्स और गहरा होगा,
ये वक़्त ये जहां, सब मेरा होगा.....

अंश :)

The Dosa Theory

Just got a mail from someone
It has an interested theory about Masala Dosa
yeah you read it right Masala Dosa
I found it sort of true for me
read and find if it is true for you or not

do tell me what kind of Dosa eating style you have

AnSh :)
here it goes

There are many ways to eat a masala dosa ..What ever the way one eats; there is a very good reason for doing that. It shows some traits of the person that is you...

Case 1: People who open the masala dosa and eat it: These are the people who are very open about their life. Everyone one the persons friends would know all about him/her. I have generally seen guys do this rather than girls. Some people think that it is a gross way of eating but in truth, these people are just portraying who they are and how their life is.

Case 2: People who start from both end and approach the masala later: These are the people who like to wait for the exiting things to come to their life. Sadly when…

I am What I am


I am What I am

The Plasure of Giving

I love food from the whole of my Stomach and Heart too… And I do not feel any problem if any roadside food joint provides what I want, Specially GOLGAPPE …. This incident is about 1-2 year old, when I was doing my graduation… I was at my favorite food joint, to take some appetizers (read 30-40 golgappe), I saw a kid, about 8-9 year old, holding hand of his sister tightly, about 5-6 year old; watching the rate list carefully and checking coins in his hand… He was having trouble in calculating the exact number of golgappe which he can get for the money in hand. The Joint owner came to rescue here, He told him 2 rupees for 1 golgappa, and 3 rupees for 2, with a slight harshness in his voice, which I didn't liked at all.....
Boy counted the coins for might be 7th or 8th time; he had three 1 rupee coins….. His sister, cute enough to do a googly-woogly to her, said “Bhaiya, hum baad me aayenge”(Brother we will come here later). Boy said “arey baad me kyun, abhi aa gaye hain, mere paas paise hai…

The Plasure of Giving