The Plasure of Giving

I love food from the whole of my Stomach and Heart too…

And I do not feel any problem if any roadside food joint provides what I want, Specially GOLGAPPE ….

This incident is about 1-2 year old, when I was doing my graduation…

I was at my favorite food joint, to take some appetizers (read 30-40 golgappe),

I saw a kid, about 8-9 year old, with held hand of his sister, about 5-6 year old; watching the rate list carefully and checking coins in his hand…

He was having problems in calculating the exact number of golgappe which he can get for the money in hand.

The Joint owner came to rescue here, He told him 2 rupees for 1 golgappa, and 3 rupees for 2, with a slight harshness in his voice.

Boy counted the coins for might be 7th or 8th time; he had three , 1 rupee coins…..

His sister, cute enough to do a googly-woogly to her, said “Bhaiya, hum baad me aayenge” (Brother we will come here later).

Boy said “arey baad me kyun, abhi aa gaye hain, mere paas paise hain” (why later! we are here and I have the money)

Sister insisted again to come later, but boy refused…..

Boy said “bhaiya, ek plate do” (give us one plate) and told the sister to take the gappe, and said “Mera pet to bhara hai, main to yaha aa ke khata rahta hoon, tujhe khilane laaya hoon” (I am full, I am a regular one, I want you to take gappe here)

I was watching them, I thought should ask them to pay for them, but I didn’t asked,

Because when I saw the boy smiling with a satisfactory smile on his face, when his sister said “Bhaiya achhe hain, aap bhi ek lo na” (Brother, it’s good, please take one)

I felt jealous, not by heart but by the pleasure of giving the boy had….

If I would have asked him, he must have been refused my proposal; also it would have hit his self respect, and the proud of taking the authority of The sweet little sister, would have been flawed….

I saw boys face, I can bet he lied when he said “I am a regular one” but he was happy because his sister was happy…..

And I am happy because they both angels were happy…..


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