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its raining...

Rain, season of love for many, but for me its season of remembered of love, which is no more left in my life, Love which is shattered.... again this poem is dedicated to kiko,


I still Feel the love for you

this poem is picked up from an ORKUT community
i just loved the each n every part of it,
so thought of sharing,
I have no idea of the original peot,
but still I live the poem :)

AnSh :)

I too had a love story...

After getting recommendations of lots if my friends including Shubh,Rhan,Neha,Niharika,Raman,Bhopali,Aradhya and many more (i would have been killed if i hadn't mentioned their names :D)
Finally i found and bought the Novel I too Had a love Story ignoring few things which were in my mind,
and as per my Rule for reading (No novel can last more then one night), I completed this one in one sitting as well.
knew about the story well, as i already read its plot from Internet,
completed it 7/8th June ,in the way which i usually complete i.e. One Night Read....
I don't know why i was relating each and every incident with my life, though mast of them were not at all related.May be it was due to the name of the central character.
As novel reach to the end,
I felt so blue and I really wanted to cry hard, but believe me I didn't,
Somehow completed it with tears filled in my eyes,
and then moved out of home at 3:30 am,
took my bike and reach to the place, where I used to sit whenever …