the last wish

All the characters,and places in this post are result of a mindless thought,
But are based on some real events…
Its my first attemp to write a fiction
and its little long,
so please jehl lena 


If you are nomad like me
You must have had met people of all kinds,
Some looks always happy, some feel like little snobbish, some refuse to even talk to.
During my last bike trip to the “unknowns” I met a guy, Suhail, who was sitting somewhere in middle of highway, alone with his guitar in hands.
I stopped near him to ask for some location, he gave me the directions,
I thanked him and asked if I could drop him somewhere, for which he agreed, as he was waiting for any public transport to arrive.
We hit the tarmac and moved at a steady pace, with introductory chat; from which I come to know he is lead vocalist of his college band.
I saw a small dhaba, which ignited the need of “Tea Break” in me,
I asked him if it’s not a problem to him if I take a small break, even he was a “teaholic” like me,
So we stopped there, and then our discussion started,
He was more interested in my bike and I was in his guitar,
I asked him if he can sing a song here, as lots of chicks were there in our surrounding (they were of some college, and came there after bunking the college).
He said “no bro, I can’t, not here”
I thought he is a usual artist types who always says no first, then performs, mostly in case of free performance. I tried convincing him for few more time then suddenly from nowhere a girl appeared and came near to us, before anyone thinks I should clear it yeah she was pretty ! And to add to my surprise didn’t even see me ahh heartbreak!
She smiled (not after seeing me jaw opened) and greeted Suhail, and asked what he was doing there.
Suhail was kind enough to introduce me first; she waved a smile for me as well.
Then loads of girls were gathered around we two boys, ohh my! Really scary situation……
Then the girl asked Suhail (the smiley one, forgot the name),   actually begged on him, to sing “that” song,
I was wondering if he gets agree to it, the ladies effect eh…..
But hey he was still not at all willing to sing; he said “you know, really hurts me to sing ‘that’ song
I was still in my mindless thoughts, getting swirled in my mind….
I thought what will be “that” song, something special?
Are they asking him to sing some patriotic song, like “mere desh ki dharti”?
Or he will sing some song to hypnotize me and they all will sell of my bike, and kidneys!!! God help me! Please!!
Then after prayer of almost 30 girls pleading him to sing, he got agreed and brought his guitar out,
Awesome guitar he had, black with chrome plating at the end….
The surrounding was in dead silence, I was wondering how more then 30+ girls kept silence for such a long period,
He took a deep breath, looked up in the sky and said “dedicated to you”,
And started singing a song from movie “waisa bhi hota hai part-2” (ever heard of it? I heard),
Song was “Sajnaa aa bhi ja”,  he was singing with his heart and soul, with eyes closed, hands sliding on his guitar to get the best ever tune, I ever heard, out,
I don’t know why all the girls there had teary eyes, the all were sobbing,
Suhail was still singing and some girls started crying like baby, other were consoling them, while crying along with them.
I am emotional but don’t know why it all was looking funny to me.
Song ended, the Smiley girl hugged him and said sorry for some 100 times,
Suhail had tears in eyes, but it didn’t felt in his voice,
He said “it’s okay, if you were not her best friend, I have had not done it”
One thing what I understood was there is some sad story behind this guy,
I tried asking him, but he refused to say even a word about….
Then again we were on the go…
I said him that he should try in some Indian idol-shidol…because his voice is really awesome.
He thanked and said may be in future, and then suddenly he asked me my name again,
I - “its Anjit”,
Then he asked me the place I belong,
I - “Jabalpur, why??”
He- “you are AnSh, odd against crowd!! Right??”
I thought “wow someone reads my blog he he”
I replied in really pleasant voice- “yeah yeah I am the one”
He-“ ohh my, I read your blog just a day before, you writes really well”
I –“hey thenxx mate, I just write what I think”
He-“you know I literally cried after reading your ‘why I hate my birthday’ post, I really feel sorry for her”
I – “its okey yaar. It’s just destiny, you can’t change it”
He- “you know I too had a similar story, but can’t pen it down as you did”
I – “then tell me, I will do it for you”
He- “I don’t know if I should tell you this or not”
I – “your decision”
He- “okey I will, let’s reach my place first, it’s just after two more lanes from here”
We reach to his room, which was full of papers of guitar chords…
A typical artist’s room…..
Then we settled down there…
He again took a deep breath as he did before singing the song,
And started
(From now forth the text is mutual translation of his words originally in Hindi, Here ‘me,I’ means Suhail’s words)

What day will excite you? Your birthday?
For me it was valentine day, because it was OUR third valentine day together,
WE mean me and Zoya.
None in our group call us separately, that’s why we were WE.
It was evening of 13th February; I called her to confirm that she will meet me on CCD,
It was really disappointing to listen, and tough for me to control the anger as I heard it,
She told me that she had to leave for her mother’s place as her younger brother came back from some European country,
Hell why should she need to be there, she can at least wait for a day.
Anyways she had to leave as soon as possible, so offered actually forced her to drop to railway station,
But she said she is going by road, by taxi.
So I offered to see off her,
And meet before the ‘To be best day’ of OUR love.
 You know best thing about being in love is, even if you don’t like something, your affection towards your lover makes you like it…
We met on around 10:00 PM, on central Bus Station,
Her Taxi was to leave on 10:20,
We had only 20 minutes, and I had a lot to say,
But I didn’t said a word,
I kept looking at her,
Her eyes were saying sorry, which I ignored…
As she was to leave I just hugged her, and said,
I love you more than I do; every day is valentine day for us, because we are not in love,
Love is inside us.
She left and I kept looking at her with those tears which I hid from her…
I came back, tried to have a dinner, which ended up in Dustbin later.
I called her; her number was out of coverage area,
I wonder where she was then…
When I can’t think of anything, I just bring my guitar and play tunes which WE like…
 I played for almost 4-5 hours, and then my phone rang,
It was her call.
I picked it up, and asked where she is now?
She said very slowly “please come, I need you”
I asked her-“what happened, where she is now, where should I come?”
She said nothing except-“please come, I need you”
When you know the situation well, you can’t panic and can devote time to THINK
But I was really scared as she said nothing about her location, situation….
I saw at clock it was past midnight,
I didn’t have bike than, so I called my friend Shriram, who lives just one block after my room.
I tried to tell the exact situation,
Which he didn’t understood, what he understood was I need your bike NOW
He told me to ride safely, and pour in the petrol first,
I thanked him and moved out hurriedly.
As I reach the petrol bunk, there was a long queue, so I had to wait for some time,
I was really in hurry, but somewhere in my mind so many gloomy thoughts were going,
For which I can’t do anything.
I got the petrol filled, and calculated approximate distance that she may have travelled till that time,
She must have had travelled 200+ kms in 3+ hours, I said to myself,
And hit the tarmac in dark black night of 14th February.
More I ride more ominous thoughts came in my mind,
But I concentrated on road, as highway was full of drunkard Truckers….
I rode some 100+ kms and I saw a familiar taxi,
Ohh my!! It was HER taxi,
Off the road, crashed really badly,
I stopped the bike and jumped off it, to see her…
I saw the driver of taxi, 2 other ladies who were sharing the taxi, and a man who was the too,
They all were dead, not a single person moved when I passed near to them,
My eyes were searching her, and then I saw a white cloth near me,
It was her chunni; I called her name few times,
No reply came then I called on her cell,
But no network was there.
Then I saw something fleshing inside the crashed car
I came near the car; it was the bracelet which I gifted her on last valentines.
And as I tried picking it from there
A really slow voice came saying “I was thinking of you, and you came”
It was she, i tried taking her out of the car, but she was unable to move,
Her face was full of blood; even her hand was all wet with blood,
Her white dress was turned into red totally…
I was not in situation of doing anything…except holding her hand and talking to her…
She was talking really slow; it was too dark that I can’t even see her eyes…
Then suddenly I realized, if no network is here, then how she called me,
I asked her, but she didn’t replied,
I asked one more time but she didn’t respond….
Then she said “Suhail I always wanted to be with you always, but I think NOW is the time that you should move ahead, forget the time we spent together, forget everything, please forget me…”
I tried to stop her speaking, but she said “please can you sing sajnaa aa bhi ja for the last time, for me only….”
I never thought that someday we will be in such situation….
I realized I won’t be able to save her life, but I can satisfy her last wish,
Then I sang the song, in that dark black night, in the middle of nowhere….
I was crying, she was holding my hand, even more tightly….
Then suddenly she loosened the grip…
I only heard “I love you”
She left me, all alone…..
A dead silence was between we two, Me and Suhail….
He was full of tears; I already wiped off mine…
I held his hand and patted his back, with some consoling words,
And with a sorry, for reminding him his past…
He was still crying,
I picked his guitar,
And sang HIS song in the memory of HER….
He joined me later….
After about half an hour, I realized it’s too late and I have to cover some 300 kms before night…
Which he too realized, and asked me if I need something for my journey,
For which I thanked him, and said “now I should leave”
And suggested him to take his singing skills more ahead,
Not for him then for her…

This is how I met someone who was even more unlucky then me…. 
By the way can anyone noticed how Zoya called Suhail from an Non Coverage area,
Well that’s other story, will tell some other day.
Till then take care….

AnSh :)


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