Finding Love

Last night I had a nearly sleepless night
but in the little part of my sleep, i dreamt of a place where I  found real solace for which i was searching from quite a long,
and in the dream i wrote some random thoughts,
which came up as usual i.e. Dark and Blue,
but still I like the thoughts (since they are mine :))
and hence posting 

read on

AnSh :)

I always found comfort, with you in my arms,
When grief crossed my path,
I found my strength in you,
And gloom lied in wait,
We laughed together on puerile jokes,
We cried together in bluest moments,
We found peace in each other’s souls,
World seems non-trivial when together,
I found love in our hearts,
Then the path comes to an end,
I come to know the bitter part of love,
I wish you could cherished my life more,
I could rejoiced in the mysteries of you,
I wish I could love you more….

AnSh :)


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