A Lament Thought

I kept walking in the rain,

With each step,forgetting my pain,

Eyes had tears and heart with smears,

Mind was jumbling in yours thought,

And I heard your sweet voice,

Which I still haven’t forgot,

You were calling my name,

Standing by the side of a shed,

I saw you wearing the white dress,

You looked like an angel of the Heaven,

And your smile made me forgot things,

That what had been happened to you,

What had been happened to me,

I felt as if we are still together,

Rain felt no more lament,

your presence made it fragrant,

I tried holding your hand,

But it was all hollow,

And my happiness became shallow,

I looked at you with amazed,

You still had that smile but little fade,

I smiled with you too,

But with tears and pain,

Still my heard is paining,

You know why?

because it’s still raining....


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