Be with You always ♥

I always tried to feel you absence,
I never felt as if you are not here,
My tears get dry with feel of you breath,
When I find no one near,
You whisper in my ears,
Still I am unable to figure out.....

You filled Love in my life,
And I still Feel it for you,
You still hold my heart,
Why I can't hold you now?

I know you are still around me,
I know You still see after Horizon,
You will always be in my side,
Because this is the place Only You belong,

Is that you or your memories,
Which always brings a Smile,
Which reminds me of good old days,
Why this smile takes a lot of pain?

You taught me how to love,
And be happy on small things,
You are my happiness,
Why I didn't realized it earlier?

I love my dreamless nights,
I love the Endless days,
I love my solace,
because this is the only way,
I can be with you.....

AnSh :)

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