First Love

I remember the first time when we met,
It really heavily rained,
You were shivering and all wet,
I came looking for shade from droplets,
You were busy in maintaining your looks,
While I was concerned for my books,

You asked me about the time,
I told you “it’s 4:30 on your watch”
You smiled blushingly saying “oh sorry”
I never heard a voice so sweet,
I smiled looking in your eyes,
I want to get deeper in your eyes,
But i scared a bit by this thought,
Because i don’t stay in front of you,

Am I falling in love with you?
what you were thinking about me?
And in the middle rain stopped,
And I didn’t want to see you leaving,
But you didn’t left the shade,
And asked me “what is the time?”
I replied “best time I ever had
Because I met you Today”
You blushed again and I had a smile,
We left the shade with a new beginning of life....

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