New Commenting System :)

So as the Facebook is on BOOM,
I decided to use the Apps and plugins for the blog.

The Slidebar You see just above this post with the Title "LIKE AND SHARE THE LINK WITH FEW FRIENDS OF YOURS" works similar as the SHARE button on Facebook.
You just need to Click on Like and write a few words to share.

On the right sidebar There is an Activity Feed which helps you to track the activities of your friends related to the blog.

On the right sidebar There is a box named "BAS YUN HI", that is the link to my facebook page with the same name, visit there you will find some random thoughts in HINDI :).

Below that box you will find My Facebook connect link, just in case if you like to connect with me on Facebook, click on it and ping me :).

When you click on a Blog Post's title to read you will find a SHARE button,
which works similar to share button of Facebook,
You can write a few word about the post and share it to spread the word :).

And Last Thing which is the best thing is FACEBOOK Comments.
If you are logged in to Facebook you can drop a comment without logging in to your google account,
It's easier and faster then the default comment system.
but in case if you  don't want to use it, I still left the option of default commenting system.

So this is it .If any queries feel free to ask using any of the measure :) :)
Take care

AnSh :)

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