A Dream or an Awakening?

“I knew that you’d be coming today, did you know that you are going to meet me?”
Osho said those words as soon as I thought of knocking the door of that mystique room.
I was amazed and shocked by hearing those words. Amazed by that how he knows that I m coming and standing outside of the room, shocked by that How can I DREAM of Osho because I never followed him not even read about  him , and hardly know one fact that  he belongs to the same city that I belong i.e. Jabalpur. Though I at least know that it’s a dream!
Some dreams feel so real because you can see YOU in them; this one was one of them.
I looked at my brother’s face and he was looking like he is dragged in my dream.
I overlooked and knocked the door ……
“Door is open”, I heard him (Osho) again.
I pushed the door and went in while looking back for my brother, who was still looking like that.
“You should stay out mate, you don’t belong to his thoughts, you can go or wait outside”, Osho said it again, and I entered in without looking back.
I saw the face he looks really like I saw in the photos; that long white beard, that round cap like thing and The Eyes.
Those eyes I can’t forget, they were so deep like an ocean of Peace where I just wanted to go deeper inside.
I asked him “what should I call you?”
He replied “OSHO”, in the most peaceful voice I ever heard.
I again asked “Osho, can you tell me why I am here?”
He said “You are here because you have questions”, I was thinking HOW he knows that!
He again said “I know you have question, so many questions, and I also know that none can answer them”
I was still looking in his eyes; he said “you want me to answer your questions, but I won’t be replying to any”
I said “So why I am here?”
He said “You are not here; it’s me who came to you”                   
I told him that than either of us should leave now because it will not bring anything out.
He said “If you leave now, you will regret later”
I said then please tell me something, which I can understand.
He looked at watch and said “You slept in 6 AM and you’d be waking up at 7;
We have an hour to spent some time and let your inner soul speak”
I was quite amazed again, though not shocked this time.
He said “we will first talk about your questions,
You have questions with no answers, and you always search for those answers in the plains of your memories, in your surroundings, everywhere.
If you want your answers, stop searching for them one day your all questions will be answered by Yourself.”
“Is that mean only I can answer my questions or my questions worth nothing??” I said with little fumbled voice.
Osho looked in my eyes again and said “No, it means you should not relay on time or anyone else to answer your questions,
One day you will realize that your questions are your answers”
Okay that was out of my bounds but still I nodded my head as I understood it all.
Osho said “Now what you are thinking?”
I said “nothing, just that are you for real?”
He said “does it matters that I am for real or not? You should worry about you,
For what you are in REAL, you have any idea?”
I replied “No I don’t, but I think I am to lose my loved ones one after another, is that true?”
He said “partially”, okay so I know something now.
He again said “You might know or might not know that you were about to lose you yesterday but something happened which saved you from that”
I said “is it a question or answer?”
He said “that you will figure out”, than why I am sitting in front of the OSHO!
I said “What else, are you here to help me or what?”
He was smiling and I was looking at him.
He said “you know who you are?”
I said “yes I know”
He said “who you are?”
I said “I am Anjit, and I am quite sure about this”, and I looked at watch it says 6:30 AM.
He was laughing real loud now, and said “I”, and a big exclamation mark was on my face!
He said “Forget the ‘I’, then what will you remain?” I was little scared now.
I replied “Anjit”, and now he was smiling slowly and said “yes remember that always”
I said “Can you tell me anything which I will never forget?”
He replied “you won’t be forgetting the conversation we are having now”
I looked at watch now it says 6:45 AM, and I thought of leaving.
He looked at me and said “you can’t leave before I want you to leave”, Osho is amazing me again and again.
He brought two scent sticks one was little darker than the other, and started speaking in Hindi.

तुम्हारे अंदर एक जिजीविषा है, जो तुम्हें हरदम सवालों के बीच ले जाती है,
इस जिजीविषा का को कभी समाप्त मत होने देना पर कभी हावी भी मत होने देना.
तुम्हारा नाम मुमुक्षु है और तुम सदा एक ही मार्ग पर अग्रसर होगे

then he pointed to one stick and said यह तुम्हारे ज्ञान के रास्ते के लिए है, इसकी सहायता से तुम्हे अपने प्रश्नों के उत्तर मिलेंगे

and then he pointed to other and said यह तुम्हारे मोक्ष का मार्ग है, जब तुम्हारा कोई प्रश्न बाकी ना होगा तब तुम इस मोक्ष के मार्ग पर अग्रसर होगे, पर ध्यान रहे की कभी भी ज्ञान और मोक्ष के मार्ग पर एक साथ चलने का प्रयास मत करना!

Then he said “now you can wake up My time with you is over.”

I wanted to say something but I woke up as he said those words.
I searched for my cellphone, i saw the clock and it was exact 7:00 AM!
My head felt as it became heavy not because I slept for just one hour butbecause of the dream.
Does it has any  significance?
or it was again justa mindless?
am I really loosing me?
or Am I out of my mind?
Hack again question...



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