Wake up call

If you are an Ex. Movie buff Like ME :D
You must know how does it feels when you don't see at least 5 movies in a day. 
Well it's been so long that i watched a NEW flick, so I decided to watch 127 Hour the latest one.
And I won't say anything about the awesome storyline and real picturization.
The movie was like a Wake Up call for me,
because i used to do things like the Central character was doing in movie,
and most common is without telling about the destination, go anywhere.
And after watching it I promised myself that i will never do so ever in future.
Because you may have the courage of all world but you can't beat the Situation which might be waiting ONLY for you.
And No matter How prepared you are, they can beat the hell out of you.
Don't care for yourself but care for those who always care for you,who loves you for no reason.
But don't be scared of the things that you even forget to live free.
Because in the End it's the willingness to survive wins..

I don't know how many days I will be in Hangover of the movie.

AnSh :)

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