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Dear God

Dear God,
I know you must be smiling now and you can laugh on this one too, But I have to say this to you. Please read it.
Sometimes having serenity in nature can bring so much in hustle n bustle in life, Because the things, from which I always try to stay away are actually the things which happens in life so frequently. I never understood its reason but it really happens in my life. Now I learned to get rid of such things but still it’s really strange that out of nowhere it’s always ME who get stuck in such nonsense crappy situations. May be you believe that it’s only me who can easily go through such situations without hurting anyone, that’s why I always became “the Chosen One”. But I must tell you God, I am really tired of it, I am sick of making people understand that I am ‘NO ONE’. I have nothing in me, which can make anyone anxious. I don’t know if it happens with others or not, maybe it happens with everyone but they hide it. It’s getting harder for me to see same situations agai…