Immortal Memories

We all have angels in our lives, who change it to an extent that even you forget how dreadful your life was before them.
They do their chores without showing a sign of irritation from your arrogance, and try their best to bring you back to life.
And everything becomes as they wanted for you and even you start feeling that everything is well now.
Then one day you wake up and see they are gone, gone to a far land where angels stay, without telling a single word…
And you feel the emptiness that they left behind…The feeling of being forlorn…. 

I believe One becomes Immortal when you promise yourself to remember them till you have life.
No matter how long they stayed in your lives, they cherished every moment of it.
So we shell not forget those moments and keep moving on with keeping the memories in the deepest place of our heart..
How unlucky I am that I know two of them…
Neha,You will always be immortal for me...


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