At nights, I keep my cellphone under my pillow,
And put some of the soft music on volume very low,
I believe it can bring some sleep in my eyes,
And it becomes stronger when I fall asleep in no time...
Thoughts refuse to trouble me throughout night,
They look helpless and give up in this fight…
 I lay on bad, keeping my hand on my forehead,
Forgetting the problems I ever had,
The night breaks and the dawn shines,
I fell the happiness inside and open my eyes,
You might wonder for happiness of mine,
But it’s great that I endured one more night…
The music is still playing on my cell,
Giving me indications that it’s not hell,
Everything was real that happened last night,
And I slept with no thoughts giving me fight,
It still sounds calm and pure,
But not enforces to sleep more…
The rush of life and worries has to begin in a jiff,
And I won’t be going to hearing any riff...
I look at mirror, it shows my face,
Cluttered hairs and my blood red eyes,
Giving no signs of sleep from a long time,
And telling me that I failed one more night,
It all broke the illusion of a beautiful sleep,
And I realized how dreadful the last night was...…


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