Hibernation Problem in windows XP..Solved!!! !

It's been a long that my machine was running on 1 gb of RAM, and as i got TGMC project, i realized it's not sufficient at all.
Solution...RAM upgrade :D
Since my computer is quite old one so it only supports 2GB of maximum RAM, hence I bought a 1 GB module and installed it.
But since i installed it, whenever i try to hibernate  my system it gives me a strange message saying "insufficient System resources exists to complete the API", and I need to use regular Shut Down which is really irritating for me as mostly i leave things in middle and continue it in later time.
But after searching over the Microsoft support site for hours finally i got the hotfix for this problem, which means its a Known issue to microsoft.
And downloaded the hotfix with the privileges of  "Genuine Windows Advantage" (first time i realized the value of licensed software :D)
and the problem is Solved!
Since not everyone uses original Windows XP (who usus :P)
hence I am uploading it on 4shared,
please share this link if you know someone facing the same issue.

Hotfix: http://www.4shared.com/file/Ulb0cqG1/WindowsXP-KB909095-x86-ENU.html

AnSh }:D


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