Move On

Sometimes when memories crash into the clouds, it brings rain,
That’s why when it rains; a lot of memories come with it,And pours them inside you.
Today, its raining heavily and I couldn't resist writing something...

I can either shed tears that she's gone,
But I smile because she told me to Move on,

I can cry that she is no more,
But I Smile because she still has everyone’s adore,

I can close my eyes and imagine that she will come back,
But I keep my eyes open and see the empty space,

The emptiness is because I don’t see her often,
But I am lucky that I feel you always around me,

The love you shared is still with me,
But I really want you to be with me,

I can forget the time and live in yesterday,
But I rather smile thinking of you every day,

I can deny that you are now gone,
But I realize your promise of Move on…



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