Bakwass :P

Ro: "Dude are you gone nuts??"
AJ: "Nopz, why??”

Ro: "You are looking like one, seems like you screwed up somewhere"
AJ: "ummm"

Ro: "What?"
AJ: "I think I am stuck with someone, somewhere else"

Ro: “Is this the reason why you are walking in centimeters??”
AJ: “ummmm”

Ro: “Are you going to ummmm on my every question??”
AJ: “No it came naturally; I have nothing to say for now”

Ro: “ummmm”
AJ: “What??”

Ro: “Nothing I can bet you screwed up something”
AJ: “bhaiya do samose aur dena”

Ro: " No I am full, you carry on"
AJ: "hmmm"

Ro: "you know..
AJ: "no I don't"

Ro: "I am telling you don't worry :P"
Ro: "I don't know if you know or not, but you were little happy 3 days ago, now it doesn't looks like that"
AJ: "Hmmm so??"

Ro: "screw you!
Ro: "bhaiya Do samose mujhe bhi dena"

AJ:"Chai bhi le aana, ek black ek shakkar wali"
Ro: "Don't talk to me"
AJ:"who is talking to you, I am calling Jamaal"
Ro: "OK"
AJ: "hmmm"

5 minutes later 

Ro: "I will pay my bill"
AJ: "hmmm"
Ro: "Not yours"
Jamaal: "sirjee aaj fir lad liye :D :D"
Ro:"abey jamaal tu ja, is jagah pe Dost nahi bhoot rahte hain, tu ja nahi to tere oopar bhi lag jaayega"
Jamaal: "satak gaya :D "
Ro: "bhaag saale"
AJ: "Chill  maar be"
Ro: "hmmm, theek hai pay my bill as well"
Ro: "but next time I will pay"
AJ: "hmmm"
Jamaal: "hehehehe"
Ro: "heheehehe, chal bhaag chirkut"
AJ: "hmmm"


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