Dark Black Coffee ♥

I met her after a long time,
She was sitting alone at her table,
Sipping her dark Black Coffee,
I thought of not going near,
But a smile told me to sit with her,
After some general talk,
We decided to take a walk,
I could see the anxiety in her eyes,
But it was hidden behind her smile,  
The she asked me "Did you miss me?"
And I felt as my heart got melted,
The distance between we two,
Made me quite weak,
And I couldn’t stop me by saying,
“Yes I did, a lot, more than I ever thought”
She was smiling with tears in her eyes,
While I embraced her with all my love,
Neither I nor she knows why we separated,
But now WE know we were always together,
Even when we were far from each other,
She was with me and I was with her…
A cup of dark black coffee,
Can really change things much… :)

AnSh :) 

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