Questions+Answers+Music+Writing = A better LIFE!!

Sometimes when I face so many troubles in living the life peacefully, the mind gets diverted to useless directions. In such diversions I always feel as if I do not belong to this world,(no it has no relevance to my claim to be a marcian :P).I feel as I was born in some distant planet which is at least not earth, may be in some other universe or galaxy! 

Because when I feel good; I dream of never-ending prairies, glowing vivid world with sunshine and light, where winds soothe you all the time. But when I feel bad, it all starts burning and its heat starts hurting my eyes. I never understood why the world changes drastically, or it’s all on my mood which changes the meanings of my surrounding? Is it the same world where the peace & tranquility is found?
Why I often lose my sleep? Why I no hasten in taking care of self?
Why so many question?

But it’s not me who is meant to find all the answers, because if all answers will be found then there will be no motive to stay alive and live for some more time. Because in the end it’s the motive for which we are alive. Wait…Is it the motive which is makes all the changes?  Is it all just for keeping me alive? What is my motive!
Arghh again questions and question

Life is really full of complications, even if you avoid everything, you will have them and if you don’t have any complications, I bet my legs that any of your dear one will have and soon you will find yourself in the same…
Thank god there is salvation “music” because putting some favorite music can actually make you forget everything, all hustles and bustles, all anxieties, all problems of life can be forgotten for sometime; at least for some time. And you can actually find peace.

And same is with writing, which makes the thoughts flow on your write-up and as soon as you complete it the world becomes a better place and heart is lighter than ever.  Sometimes it feels great that I can write exactly as I think and music is always there while writing.

Feeling lighter and Life is looking lovable too :) 

AnSh :)

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