She and Me- A love story

Disclaimer: All character and their depiction is REAL and if they resembles YOU then be happy because your story is featured on a Going-to-be-world-famous Author's blog  :D :P
And if you already have started sniffing something then STOP it ;) 

AnSh  :)

When I first heard her voice over phone I realized how should angel’s voice can sound.
She was speaking so softly, and pauses between the sentences were making me feel the blossoms of love around me.
After taking to 3 hours she hand up and as soon as I put my cell in pocket I started missing her.
I don’t know what I am feeling and why I am feeling so but I was really missing her that time.
I called her back and told her that “I don’t know why I am missing you… can you tell me why it’s happening to me?
She replied “even I am feeling the same…..” and somewhere in distance I heard music of violin….
And I keep eagerly waiting for her call and we both loved the never-ending talks…
The talks were general, like I used to talk to my other friends but something was special in it, till the time neither of us told that what we are up to, what we feel for each other, but yes something was really there. I was afraid that if I will tell her what I feel for her, I might lose a friend or someone who is more than just a friend…
In no time the friendship was now getting more intimate, I still think how one can know you so much just in matter of 3-4 days!..Then one day she told me that she is not feeling well…she is afraid that she is going to lose someone…someone who is very important for her.
Thoughts started to flow in and I thought that I went too ahead, all feeling of mine can be one sided only, I mean how can I imagine me and her together, I stand nowhere in front of her..
She is way too gorgeous and look at me…
 she talks like an angel and I…I just stammer..
Then she broke the flow and asked me if I am ok or not...
I said “yeah I am fine, all OK
She said “Do you want to tell me something?” for which I replied “Am I supposed to?
Eagerness can be felt in her voice and nervousness can be seen on my face.
Then she asked again “If you don’t have anything then I have something… may I?
Yeah sure” I replied with little reluctant tone…
I think and my friends also think the same that I am in love, do you also think the same?” she said in her cheerful voice, “Really? May be, I mean I can’t say only by hearing you” I replied in my I-want-to-cry voice.
She said “you can; only you can let me know if its love that I am feeling or it’s just my illusion”      
My heartbeat rose with her first word and became boisterous when she ended her sentence…
I always heard that you never know when love can catch you may be this was the time when love actually caught me. I never wanted to say something as soon as I wanted to reply her right now!
And finally I said “Yes you are in love, and at the same time ,someone at a distance is in love too,
One who is not perfect and nor he wants to be because he will become perfect when you will be with him… I don’t know if you love me or not but I Love you a lot… Do you love me too? ♥” I was wondering why I didn't stammer while saying it all.. 
Yes I do…I love you too….♥♥” she said after a pause, and we smiled together, the smile which we will have from now on…
We still haven’t met but we love each other a lot and we don’t know when we will meet but we know when we will meet we will be meeting to remain together for eternity.. ♥
You might wonder how strange this love story is but love is really strange…isn’t it? …

And by the way, whatever written in Disclaimer should be considered as Fiction like all characters of the story..  :)
TC :)

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