"Who is She?": Chapter 1: RUN! RUN! RUN!

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Dude!! Pack your things; we are leaving in an hour…quick wake up!!!
Wtf…go away I don’t want you in my dream...Stay faraway...Huh” I murmured.
And then Baaammm! A solid kick on my back; which I returned by a punch on Rohan’s stomach.
I mean how on earth you can expect Rohan to rush into your room in a Sunday morning at 5 am, especially when he told you that he would be out with his girlfriend whole weekend and told you to see on Monday and even more when he not only breaks in the room but breaks my dream where I was about to propose Riya, my dream girl, who don’t even look at me in real. He deserves one more but I am confused between kick or punch…
Boy I am screwed” tension can be seen on Rohan’s face and as I looked at him, I forgot to hit.
I asked him what happened, and how come he came back so early.
He told me the whole story how his girlfriend’s brother caught them wandering in the streets of Pune and how he escaped from there leaving his “I will never leave you alone” girl. Power of his girl’s Bro’s Muscles overcame the power of Love hehe. But I was still confused that why I am supposed to leave the room but his words were enough to make my eyes wide open and make me panting.
Her father and all three Salman Replica Bros are looking for me and you too because we live together
Screw you! I told you never chase girls who have Brother with Lot of muscles… Damn! Now main bhi fas gaya… just bend down I want to kick you a$$” furiously I said.
But later on I thought I can take my revenge later right now it’s time to RUN!! And we ran away leaving no trails of our existence and destination, which even we didn’t, knew that time.
Now since Rohan was responsible for our fatehaal haalaat, I took charge of everything. I called Bhawana- the Manager of all Situations, if she knows any place where we can settle right now.
And up to her reputation, a few good lies and some stories and we were unpacking our bags in a good room near her place.
achha look don’t be a trouble for aunty, be a helping hand for her and try not to ask much about her personal life and don’t ever call me Bhoo when you are asking for some serious help, I hate that name
Bhawana instructed while taking out the coffee she brought in a thermos… God! Please save me from this disgusting coffee… but god wanted me to suffer some more and I swallowed it all hiding my horrible facial expressions which only I was seeing. Soon she left and I puked.
Now it was Rohan who started…”Yaar Bhawana looks great and talks well too, kya bolta hai?”
Thubb! This punch will be enough to tell you that you are supposed to stay away from her and you hold no chance in front of her either, so just stay away from her and EVERY girl as well. I don’t want to leave some place just because of you. I can manage to live alone” I really wanted to hit but giving this emotional lecture wasn’t in mind. But it worked and he left the room for arranging some food even though Bhawana insisted us to come at her home for lunch but I wanted to kill Rohan’s excitement, so I refused politely.
Bhoo looks good but Riya….she is out of this world… Please come in my dream” I enchanted and tried not to think of Bhawana and dozed off.

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