"Who is she?": Chapter 2: The Blue Bungalow

Before you start reading, I have something to say,
First of all thanks to all who read and shared this story :)
Secondly, initially I decided to keep the story limited to three chapters, but on request of a special person I am extending it to Four Chapters. 
Hope You all will like it.
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Try not to think if someone, I guarantee first they will come in your dream and if it’s not enough then they will appear facing you, exploding the ground right underneath your legs.
Hello uncle, wake up, still sleeping” Bhawana said as she quaked my shoulder and without waiting for me to reply spilled freezing cold water on my face.
I really wanted to shout on her but looking the jealous and Save-my-jaw-from-hitting-the-ground expression on Rohan’s face I only smiled. And asked why she came, just to see or for some work.
She brought the lunch packs for us which was really better then that Disgusted Chinese food we just thrown off from window and probably she has seen it when coming to our room. Food was good, thousand times better than the coffee. We thanked her and I asked her for a coffee at Peppy’s in evening, which she agreed. I was just trying to make up for what she done for us and wanted to be familiar with the place around. As she left with her smiling face Rohan started with his 5 inch wide mouth-”waah beta ji, Stay away from her, now I got why I should stay away from her…Bhabhiji jo hain wo humari….. waah waah raamji..dinkchikaa… Jodi kya banayi…dinkchikaa…Bhoo aur…..”
“shut up!” I irritatedly interrupted,
She is my friend even before I met you, so just keep your dirty thoughts to you only and you are real bad singer” I escaped the conversation. I admit once I had a crush on her and even she had the same but it was 7 years ago and now we are good friends and being friends matter more than being in love and don’t forget the fact Riya is all over my mind, I can’t be unfaithful to her. She is my dream girl, though she is mine only in dreams.
To avoid Rohan’s foolish questions I came out and decided to walk around the place. As I came out I saw an old bungalow, painted in blue, right in front of our house. It was almost four times bigger than the house where we were staying but strangely I saw no vehicle parked there except an old Red Enfield Bullet.
I thought of going in and look at that classic treasure but as I looked above, on first floor, an Angelic beauty was sitting on a chair, looking constantly at me. I have never seen someone as beautiful as her and I really don’t know how to explain but I actually felt her gaze. As I came back in my senses I heard a known scream “oye come here, want to show you something
I wanted to wave her a hand but I don’t know what happened to me that time, I came back while looking back at her and even after getting in my room I kept looking at her from the window.
At evening Bhawana caught me looking out from the window and she thought I am serious about something. She asked me if I want to drop the coffee walk, but I didn’t want her or Rohan to sniff what I am going through. So we went for coffee and talked about so many senseless things but during it all I was only thinking of that girl. Once I thought that I can ask Bhoo about that girl but since I know her well, I dropped the idea. I mean it’s not good to ask about some else girl from the girl with whom you came on coffee.
We came back after one long hour and at end I thanked her for helping in the crucial situation and arranging a place to stay lightning quick and for that disgusting coffee and awesome food and for agreeing to come on coffee and for carrying the food bags up to here (just because I don’t want her to take the food :D ) and for one more thing which I am not going to mention at all.
Her good night was audible enough to bring Rohan on window and bid a bye and good night from his side as well and to throw a cunning smile over me. Before I started walking towards the gate I looked back at the Blue bungalow particularly at first floor’s second room’s balcony, to see if anyone is there, but no one was there except closed doors and windows and white curtains waving slowly. I patted my head and came back neglecting Rohan’s dumb expressions.
Good food and a good sleep are synonyms so I dozed off in no time and not to wonder I saw that girl instead of Riya in my dream!


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