"Who is She?": Chapter 3:Love Hurts…khoob Jor se :(

Goonja sa hai koi iktara….Goonja sa hai koi iktara….

“Wake up yaar…don’t you feel like waking early sometimes…just for a change….uth saale kab se tera iktara bajte bajte Guitar hua ja raha hai…how many times I told you to put Munni badnaam as your alarm tone, at least that won’t send you in sleep again…wake up Nickk!!!” this time Rohan was careful to not come anywhere close to me and finally Badnaam Munni started singing via Rohan’s cell and once again I woke from middle of my Sweet Dream though I had no plans to look at him ferociously and scare him. He said sorry several thousand times since we shifted here.

I opened the window to see if she is there or not, and to assure me that I saw her in dream only and she is no more than an illusion, she wasn’t there. Somewhere inside my heart I really felt bad and a felt a slight pinch too but what else can I do. “It’s ok” I whispered to myself as now I can focus on Riya!
I asked him if he had the morning coffee or not and he pointed to the brown flask which Bhawana left in the morning.

No!! I don’t want to die early… chal we will take the breakfast and coffee at Ramu’s stall, I will pay…and stop giving that weird expression, I hate it” I am still the boss, I tried to prove.

As we came out I sketchily looked at the balcony of Blue bungalow just to confirm if she has came for sunbath or just to sit it and read morning newspaper while sipping coffee in her favorite brown mug…no I think she would be more of a pink fan, she will definitely have a pink mug… even in my imagination I was loud enough to make Rohan laughing in his worst tone and start asking his nonsense question. Throughout the coffee and the samosa’s, he only asked what I did last evening when I went with Bhoo and asked if I like her or trying my ‘chance’ with her for about 50 times and oddly  neither I replied nor denied any of his question. I don’t know why I was still thinking of that girl.

We came back and to make my bitter heart fill with sweetness she was sitting there with the most gorgeous smile one can ever see, reading a book, probably some novel and wearing a light pink dress which was enough to qualify her to be an angel of heavens. I kept looking at her without knowing I am standing in the middle of the road at around 11 am when everyone wants to race with every next person on road and that every next person’s don’t’ want to lose at any cost.
Niiick!!!!!!!!”  This is the last thing I remember of that day, Rohan screamed with all his lungs and as I looked at balcony, she was still reading without looking what happened right in front of her bungalow’s gate and I saw Rohan rushing towards me and after that I was found me in a white room which actually made me happy that I died and I got heaven after calculations of Yamraj’s accountant Chitragupta. But sadly as Rohan screamed, in little lower sound then I heard him before, “Doctor come here…he’s conscious now!!” (Damn!)

Hey, how it all happened? I remember nothing?” I asked as I adjusted my bum on that hard bed. I wanted to see what exactly cost me to stare at a beautiful girl who didn’t even gave a single look while I was being thrown inside the ambulance but I was unable to move at all. I felt a hard substance on my right hand and saw huge mountain of Red cotton! Red cotton?? OMG its blood! My blood! “WTF happened to me?” impatiently I asked Rohan.

But before he could reply Nurse came and started “what happened to kids of this generation, look at them what kind of language they use, no manners” blah blah blah….all ignored :D :D
You were standing like nut there, in the middle of the road and a biker hit you from front, you didn’t even listened the honk and rest you can see…Right hand- 4 fractures, Right shoulder- two hairline cracks, seven stitches on forehead, two on left thumb and some here’s and there’s” with the most serious tone I ever heard from him he said with almost no pause.

ahh! It hurts…how much time I am supposed to stay here?” I asked thinking of the bill of this 5 star like hospital, I wonder if I might need to jump off from any window if I won’t be able to pay the bills off.

“We are leaving in an hour, no money left, I gave advance to Landlady last night and I haven’t asked Bhawana because you might not like to take any more help from her” I felt relief as I won’t be jumping off from the window.

hmmm right” I said and nurse gave a disgusted look at both of us asking if we are going to leave any money for cleaning staff as there was a lot to clean and left the room as Rohan laughed out real loud and I asked him to stop as it was hurting me to laugh at that moment. 

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