"Who is She?": Epilogue

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What! She was ghost? What kind of story it is….it’s ridiculous…Impossible…and why the hell she always had only PINK dress…Ghosts can change dresses if only they exist” I angrily said as she ended her story. “Eshita you are not a good storyteller…you said it’s a real story but I can bet my legs it’s not...and what happened to Nikhil then?”

“Nikhil…he came back  and his face said it all that what he is going through, Bhawana’s calm words made him say it all and she confirmed it by saying that even she saw her sometimes there. He completed his education and got posting in the same city but never left that room. Seasons were changing but he was still there, looking at the street where once he imagined a walk together with her and at the balcony where he still sees her. His window was full dust and spiderwebs and that broken glass block was still there too, to make the winds of memories to get in and make him close to the one with whom he thought of spend his life once…I don’t know for how long he will stay there....may be till the season will change again...or may be for eternity..” Eshita smiled as she said it all and her smile really fired my anger up and to avoid any wrong situation I decided to change my berth as there were only a few people in the whole coach. As I picked my bag up NIharika came from behind, she was in other coach with her family.
What happened popo? Where are you going? Are you coming to our coach? Hmmm” she asked it all in one breath.
No I am just changing my berth; here we have biggest many liar of the earth” I made a disgusted face.
Who?” Niharika asked with her eyes almost ready to pop out.
There she is…Eshita-The Storyteller, who is queen of liars” and I laughed thinking as if I just cracked joke of the century.
But there is no one popo…who Eshita?” now it was time for my eyes to pop out.
Train was doing 100s and I was in last coach only way to next coach was right in front of me… and she disappeared!!
Leaving me in question “who was she??”…
The End :)

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