Who is She?

Who is She? is a story about a guy Nikhil and his dumb friend Rohan, who always drags him in strange situations and makes him run for the life! and his sweet Bhawana, who once was his crush and he we her's, though they decided to be best friends instead of Lovers and Riya, his 'dreamgirl',with whom he can talk only in Dreams, because in real he ran away as he sees her, and lastly a Girl whom he saw once and she made him infatuated which was really undefinable for him.
Before you start reading I have few things to tell:
1. It's a fiction, Stop grinning :P
2. Names may resemble but nothing else is the intention, they gelled up well hence I used.
3. I am only trying to write little long story, but not much long because people are really busy that they hardly pays attention to anything which looks longer then 5 lines!
It's a Four Chapter'ed  story And This post is not included in these Four.

(Plan changed :D now it has 5 chapters instead of 4 :) )

If you will read it I hope You will like it :)

Thanks and Regards

AnSh :)

Chapter 1: RUN! RUN! RUN!

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