"Who is She?":Chapter 4: I love My Girl… and Matar paneer too...

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It wasn’t the case that having very little money in the pocket was sole reason of leaving the hospital or I was really scared of that nurse that she will give me wrong injections now, but I really wanted to know if that girl noticed me there or not. I mean I got countless scars, 12-14 stitches and few fractures, only because of her and if nothing at least I deserve an “Oh My God! What happened!!!” expression from her.

While coming back I asked Rohan if any one came out to see what happened from that bungalow, for which Rohan said a NO with his specialty of making weirdest skeptical faces. As soon as we reached home I looked at the bungalow missing Bhawana standing at gate and Wow! She’s there!
And as I saw that beautiful creation of God, I witnessed a fuming volcano as well. Bhoo started hysterically, only thing which was left that she didn’t abuse me but it actually sounded so. After countless sorry’s, around one million lies and so many explanations finally she stopped and Autowaala asked for 20 bucks as Halting Charge!

Making mistakes is a common case but don’t letting your best friends know about it is really serious case...I realized after giving 20 extra bucks to autowala. Before I finally started to get in with left hand held by Bhoo and half of my body lifted by Rohan, I looked back at balcony; she was still there and this time she was looking at me in the same manner she looked before and I forgot that Bhoo actually made my stitches to bleed out and Rohan crushed my leg twice, all I was doing is smiling like nuts and I don’t know from where I heard Pehla Nasha, Pehla Khumaar…ohhh god..I am in love

“What! What did you just say??” Rohan and Bhoo said in unison…and giggled on an inexplicable joke as well.
uhh Nothing…Ouch! It hurts be careful…damn its bleeding!!!” after some dressing on those stitches and they were as horrible as they were looking before. I was thrown at the corner bed as it was near to the front window and since I was useless till my plaster get confiscated everything we needed to get settle here was on Rohan and since Rohan is a born useless this responsibility automatically shifted to Bhoo and since Bhoo was in-charge Rohan had an official reason to go around her all the time and since time is really important thing they started arranging things from now. Phew! Good, I am alone now, and now I can easily lie to mom as she had already called many times. Moms really have a Seventh Sense, which tangles a string to their kids in their heart. Even if I won’t say, you know that you can NEVER lie to your mom and you should not try to as well. Do I still need to tell what happened except all my balance was drained out.

I looked out of the window to refresh my mind and to do what you are expecting me to i.e. look for My Girl; yeah I started imagining her as ‘My girl’. She was there, looking at me, in her pink dress, hairs waving freely, smiling like angels though I never seen any angel but if there is one she will definitely have smile like her, I waved my plastered hand which made me realize I had a forgotten souvenir on my right shoulder as well (remember two hairline cracks), then waved my bandaged left hand to her.  She saw me waving but she didn’t replied, I made a “your cell number?” gesture, but it only made me feel pity on my nonverbal communication skills. Enough now I can’t wait, I shouted as loud as I can with those bandages wrapped on my chest “What’s your name???......I am Nikhil” and to respond me, her father who looks exactly as an army officer, probably retired one, came out to see who wants to introduce him to his daughter. Even after getting broken from many dimensions I was quick to hide behind the window. Fathers of the girls are most dangerous people on earth, really…

Sneakingly I looked out at the balcony from the broken glass block of my window; she went inside, may be to avoid trouble that her father can cause if he see her receiving gestured messages from a newly arrived guy, who can make his girl fall in love with him and then she will start lying only to meet him, and later after sometime they may plan out to runaway to get married because he is not at all going to give the permission to make two lovers live together happily ever after. How can he do that, ok he is army officer but she is a girl, she has desires, dreams, she has a life.  Cruel man… with most disgusted tone I shouted.
“What! I saved you life and I am disgusted! Great man…Dekh li teri dosti…” Rohan actually scared me as I wasn’t’ expecting him.
Why you are sitting like that? Get back to bed” Bhawana said as she came in with heavenly fragrance of matar paneer.
It wasn’t for you yaar, I was thinking of the guy who hit right here at road…tu to meri jaan hai re paagal…..give me food I am dying to eat…matar paneer I love you…Bhoo you are really the best, you know what I like” and with these lines I succeeded to shift their mind towards the food..yeah I still have the charm ;)


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