It's not a Love Story: Chapter 1: Ahh I am in Love ♥

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Congratulations my boy...You did it again successfully for the unbeatable 23rd time!! You are the Superman!”  Zoheb almost scared three fourth of the oldies and the kids who were wondering from past half an hour that WHO IS HERE! And they may have the hope that Superman is here! Now they are safe from the Bad people.
Before Zoheb could say anything else the Nurse shouted “It’s not your college canteen, its hospital and especially ICU of this hospital, wait over there and no more than two people are allowed to enter at once… who you are a celebrity huh? So many visitors and all are ill mannered…this generation…..” and she left us all in a shock. Yes I am in hospital, in I.C.U. ward and the number 23 is my accident count that I escaped successfully and yet again there was no fault of mine. How on earth you can imagine a guy sitting on the saddle of his ultra safe, extremely robust and the ‘Above all’ Karizma ZMR, waiting for the signal to turn green and fly past the others, tasting the dust of the cloud left behind, who was seeing a beautiful girl in the Rear View Mirror, holding the in the ‘Mighty’ Civic’s steering having why-the-hell-its-still-red looks, get hit by the same ‘Mighty’ civic even before the Signal turned green!.
Girls are really impatient and I am really luckiest unlucky, not because I have witnesses 23rd accident of mine but because I am still alive to tell my story.
Dhaakad I told you not to see other girls, get a girlfriend, love her, enjoy your time, why you want to waste your youth in Hospital’s ICU, see even nurses here are of no use, RMIAH has better nurses, we should shift there? Good idea, let me call Dad, he will arrange things in a minute….. HI dad! Ansh screwed again…yes for the 23rd time and is still alive and want to see beautiful nurses, book one King-size bed in RMIAH…” I wanted to hit him hard but the silly drip pipes around me stopped me and saved Zoheb. I knew he is not calling his father but he is just doing what he is best at i.e. Irritating ME!
“Screw you man! You are making fun of me!
 I was about to die at the middle of the traffic signal, wondering if that stupid girl actually crashed on me or it’s just an illusion of mine and even doubted that I am alive or died. And Public, the great Janta, they all ran to look at the girl who is sitting inside the Flashing car and looking for the jerk who did that on most innocent girl left on earth. It’s good that I still have that POLICE plate on my bike otherwise I would have been killed by those morons…”
“Easy boy easy, we are supposed to keep you heartbeats at check…… Hi I am Dr. Bhatnagar” he said as he entered as he listened the mad beeps of the time machine kind of setup in my room and instructed Zoheb to wait outside as he wanted to note down the readings and make some changes in the drips speeds.
“You are quite social” I guess he rather said then asked.
Yeah my friends love me a lot….. Are too many of them are waiting outside?”  To avoid the confusion I added a question at end .
Hmm that’s was the other reason why I came inside…I want you to ask your friend who is waiting out as I can only allow any two of them…choose wisely” he winked and sent Zoheb back.
Listen Zoe Dr. said that he can only allow two to meet for now as meeting time is about to over, he already allowed you hence only one can meet now, I want you to go out and ask anyone to meet for now, I will catch up with everyone  later on Facebook, I want to share my achievement ”  I grinned imagining the comments on my status.
Hmmm he told me, but it’s really tough to make everyone understand, they all want to see you, why the hell you are so popular! I am really jealous of you :P”
“Hey you know that girl who brought you in this shape is also waiting out, Priya and Mrinal gave her a solid lecture, you should’ve seen her she was trembling in fear, we even told her that You are son of a Really High ranked police Officer and now police will be looking for her :D” Zoheb uselessly attempted to control his laughter.
“What the Heck! Poor girl, stop doing that man, it wasn’t purely her fault, may be something wrong had happened, and she surely can’t hit anyone whom she don’t even know…send her in I want to talk to her… NOW” I actually meant what I said but pointlessly I said it front of Zoe who stopped his gross laugh and raised his eyebrow.
Ohhhh hmmm so you want to see that girl huh! And what about our friends who are waiting only for you”
“Stop it Zoe…You don’t know who she can be, A girl, Driving Civic can be anyone. Got it now send her in” I interrupted and actually made a point.
I could hear Priya shouting over Zoe and nurse trying to indicate her that it’s Hospital! But worthless to do when talking to priya. She has shortest temper possible, and finally I heard two pairs of footsteps coming towards me.
In no time she came inside exactly like Daya of CID however she couldn’t break the door and started her fastest ever angry speech just 3.56 inches away from my ear then I saw a girl standing at the corner, anxiously looking at me, with most frightened eyes I ever seen and probably most beautiful too.
Priya stopped only when her cell phone scared her with that Extremely Loud “Teri meri prem kahani” and told me to stay there I am coming back in a minute as if I will run from there with the drips hanging around me.
As Priya left that girl came near and said “I am really sorry sir”, Sir eh! Am I looking like a sir?
I don’t know what happened I had handbrake locked and clutch pressed, I really don’t know how my car started rolling and crashed on you, I really don’t know how it all happened, I am really sorry sir, please tell your father that I am no criminal, I have no fault, please forgive me” and she burst in tears.
“It’s ok! It’s OK! And please stop using SIR, do I look like one” wondering if anyone will come in by hearing her sobs.
Apology accepted, I know mistakes can happen and especially when I am around, it’s most likely to happen, you can’t help it” I tried my best to make things comfortable for her and for me too. You can’t see a girl crying in front of you, even though she is the sole reason of your 7 broken bones and almost half a dozen scars and bruises all over your body.
I am Naina, and You are Ansh right?” She smiled while wiping her tears.
Hi Naina, we mate for a Deadly reason but it’s a pleasure to meet you, really J, and yes I am Ansh, Anjit Sharma, Ansh is abbreviation of my name, friends call me so”  my back started giving me pain as I was in same position from little too long. 
“Can I call you Ansh? Or Anjit?”  Innocently confused I thought.
Ansh is fine, everyone calls me so and I guess we are friends now right” I tried maintaining the same smile but my backpain was not allowing me.
and don’t worry about my friends they were just playing prank on you, I didn’t even filed any complaint so you won’t’ get arrested from your house” signs of a great relax were clearly visible on her face.
Thanks a lot Ansh sir…I mean Ansh, I will call you to know about your health as doctors were saying that you will be here for 15 days! I am feeling really bad, I am responsible for all this….hey let’s make a deal, till you are here, I will come to see you every day and we will be friends after that...what say? Deal?” and before I could say anything she shook hands with me and said “ok done, I will see you tomorrow, take care and sorry again”.
I think only girls have the authority to take decisions for others. I don’t know how to react but I kind of felt it good as she is stranger but during the talk I never felt so and not to mention about her beauty, may be a Beauty Therapy, if it exists, can do wonders and make me Fighting fit in a miraculous way.
So Mr. Celeb how are you feeling now” Dr. Bhatnagar asked as he entered the room.
“haha Feeling good Doc. Does everyone left??” I actually wanted to know where Priya went, may be her boyfriend is still insecure of me; he thinks that I can steal Priya from him. Poor guy he has no idea that I am the one who is the sole reason why she is still with him, otherwise she had left him quite a long ago. But who cares.
Superman works silently even if no one praise him
And I forgot my mindtalks are loud enough to make Dr. Bhatnagar reach the conclusion that I am really not from this planet.
Mr. Superman, you are really lucky that Miss Naina brought you here on time otherwise I assume what could have happened to you. You should thank her”  
“However she is also responsible to be the reason for you to be here” He cut his own sentence before I could tell him that my back is paining.
Hmm I thanked her already, and she will come to see me by tomorrow. Can you adjust this be, I am not feeling comfortable my back is paining a lot” my back pain was started like hell.
Its unbearable doc” I almost shouted.
It’s paining because you have been hit from behind and your back was the first body part that came in contact with maximum intensity of the crash, lay down, I will make some adjustments, keep your hands free and breathe easy”  and he adjusted me to a relatively comfortable position.
I will come to see you at around 3 am, make sure I will find you sleeping, and BTW that’s something Naina Left for you while leaving” and tossed a piece of paper which landed exactly on my right palm.
 9 1 9 3 5 N A I N A
“What is that? A riddle?” I asked.
It’s her cell number dumbo” I hate when someone calls me a Dumbo but Dr. Bhatnagar was right, how I forgot that when my number can be 99956Anjit then why not 91935NAINA amazed me.
Should I call her now, or later it’s already 11. She might not have reached home. And what will she think if I will call her that late in the night. Wait first let me update my fb status I will do anything after that only.
“Back from number 23, still alive and online, thanks pals, love you, hate you, fu-fu :P”
And the like and comment count increased like a chain reaction.
However I was not in mood of replying to anyone as typing on touch sensitive keypad with swollen shoulders is really not a good idea. I pressed Exit button and opened ‘new text message’ option.
“Hi Naina, this is Ansh, got your no. from Doc, he told me that how quickly you brought me to the hospital. Thanks a lot. Gn tc sd J
Message sent
Now time to catch some sleep I don’t want to wake all night.
1 message received
Hey no thnx. I m rspncbl 4 ur such cndtn it ws least I cud do 4 u, how r u filing nw?
I think I can manage to sleep little later too... I murmured.

No matter how much pain I had but I felt like this chat with Naina should never end. I don’t want to know what made two strangers to talk this much. I mean we are not even properly met. We chatted over sms till clock ticked to Devil’s time and Dr. Bhatnagar scared me by saying “Knock Knock Dr. Devil is here, anyone alive” and later scolded me for waking that late and chatting over sms as even after having severe back pain. He took the readings and changed the drip and took my cell too L but it’s really kind of him that he allowed me to drop a last Good Night sms.
 I have no clue what’s going on, why I want to talk to Naina, why I am thinking of her, why can’t I take things in general, why I am missing her, why I am waiting for the night to end, why I want her to come and see me on next day, why I am still awake, why I have so many whys!
I am getting lost….
Yes you do, and you probably will stay here for 15 more days if you will stay awake like this and probably you might need to get used to of this back pain….”
“She will come tomorrow don’t think of her too much okay, now catch some sleep otherwise I have a sacred way to send you in sleep too” and he showed me an unusually thick injection.
Ohh no need of that doc, Good night
Good night lover boy” and he turned the night lamp on and left and I closed my eyes remembering the first time when I saw her in the rear view mirror on my bike.
Why I am thinking of her? I asked this question around 100 times and don’t remember when I fall asleep. Love is really great feeling. It can make you forget that you are liking someone who is actually responsible for you being broken from many dimensions along with your beloved bike to be a trash material. Where is my bike BTW I think Zoe would have taken care of it. Time to sleep, hope you are sleeping too Naina… miss you…
and I miss you too” I heard her voice from nowhere.
Ahhh I am in love <3  



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  3. Thanks Deep Shikha :)

    chapter 3 and 4 are also posted
    take a look at them too :)

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