It's not a Love Story: Chapter 2: You saved me, I saved you, but it’s not over!

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away,
So moral of the story is Kidnap all the fruit sellers and don’t starve the doctors
Good morning Riddhi, so finally you have your own original PJ of the day exactly after 298 days” Dr. Bhatnagar‘s sleepy voice was close enough to make me wide awake, however I wasn’t sleeping at all.
Hey it’s not 298 its only 297 :P”, that could be Riddhi, I assumed.
Okay okay, I am leaving now; give this cell to Mr. Superman. He probably would wake little late” I imagined him winking. 
Superman! Really! ok ok, bye, will catch you up for lunch, I made aaloo ke parathe” and she pulled the curtain to get in. I was wondering why doctors don’t feel like knocking sometimes.
I heard superman is here…is that you Mr.…….Anjit?”  She smilingly said while reading my name on Reading chart. Her beautiful smile accompanied by the sunrise made a perfect combination to make me start rubbing my eyes.
No Doctor, only a nobody is here, who is broken form I guess 7 places” painfully I said. “Good morning BTW”.
Very Good morning Anjit, How are you feeling now? I’ve been told that you won’t be wake but surprisingly you are wide awake. You slept last night or not?” still having that heavenly smile she asked.
Smile at face of any girl is the best thing to watch on earth especially when you just woke from a lovely dream of a girl whose face was hard to imagine right now. I am only getting morphed images ranging from Priya, Niharika, Riya and even Dr. Riddhi.
Dr. Riddhima Bhatnagar’ her card said which was waving right in front of me from last few minutes and it was quite dangerous to see it carefully and read her name and you know why it was so :P.
Doc I think I know you”, I think I really know her.
Guess what” we are not playing guess game huh “even I am thinking the same, but it’s really hard to recall when, how and where”, if a girl is saying so that does mean we MUST have met earlier.
Hey wait, I got it, I got it” she was loud to the level that an old man in my next ward woke up and coughed for 8-9times.
In RMIAH, I was there as intern, two years ago, when you met your 19th accident, I guess it was 20th…right?
“Hey wait which one it is? 21st? 22nd? Hmmm?” impatiently she asked without lowering the excitement level in her voice and I found that even after meeting my worst ever accident she gave me a reason to laugh at my history of being Innocent Accident King and later to curse my paining back.
Its 23rd and again no fault of mine at all” I replied controlling my laughter.
23rd!!! You are really Superman :P” and then she insisted to narrate the whole story and I did so without leaving any signs that she can sniff about me being falling for Naina.
When did you left RMIAH?” I asked and I also thought of telling her that Zoe still has a crush on her but skipped as I wanted to give him a surprise.
yeah I came here on very next day you discharged from there, got a good offer here hence joined, plus I had another reason to be associated with TCMH, so it was quite inevitable” I was wondering either her joining here of my being discharge from there, made her remember things with that detail, however girls are always good with dates and remembering them sharply.
But you used to be Riddhima Tiwari that time, did you change it? Are you sister of Dr. Bhatnagar? hmm?” it was time to show my memory skills but sadly it became show of my ha-ha-ha-dumbo skill.
shuushhh, he is my hubby dumbo” yes she is same as him, she is also calling me Dumbo “I married him 3 days after I left RMIAH….
Remember you talked to him when we had a fight and I was quite low that day, and I started feeling that our relationship is about to end now, but you made things quite good that day. DO you still have your STML? (Short Term Memory Loss)” her voice filled with a lot of emotions.

When you love someone it’s obvious that whenever you talk about your love, affection can be clearly seen in your eyes, and that’s what I saw in excess when I saw Dr. Riddhi’s eyes, which were filled with tears of happiness.

Ohh yesss yesss, how can I forget, but sadly he didn’t recognized me and how could he, neither we ever met nor you invited me in your marriage” and I mocked anger just to make things normal.

We chatted for some more time about many things and finally she realized she is a Doctor and I am a patient so she took the readings and changed the drips. Meeting your old pals is really great thing. It makes you feel how time flies. Thanks to Naina, that she crashed on me and I got hospitalized and finally met Dr. Riddhi.
Ok listen, its 7:30 already, Nurse will be here soon, she will ask you for tea/coffee/breakfast, tell her that you want nothing. I’ll catch you up at 8:15, we’ll have the coffee and I have your favorite sandwiches too, like I already knew I am going to meet you today. I want to talk to you on Something” with lot of emphasis on ‘Something’ she hurriedly left the room.
A girl’s something can be anything you can’t predict and enough to send me to surf my thought waves.
I felt a strong need of peeing but before I could stretch my hand for the button near my bed, Dr. Riddhima came back and tossed my cell and told me that a ward boy will come to help me with the daily chores and went back in double the speed of her way in.

3 missed calls
Rajan Uncle
OMG! I am dead, definitely dead. Zoe must have told him, it can be Raman too, or Priya she finally found a way to get me off. If I will survive I will kill the informer. Wait….maybe they just Know it. I mean if half of your family is in Police Dept. and out of remaining half, three fourth are Lawyers and remaining are either kids who get scared even while going to pee or Just ME.
Hello chacha, how are you? How come you called so late, I just missed it
saale nalayak! What you thought I won’t ever know what you do and what happens around you huh. You remember no who am I? I am D.S.P. of the city and without my permission even birds don’t shit” I felt as if I am convict.
aa...ak...uncle, actually it all went so quick that I couldn’t inform you. You very well know that I would have informed you if I could have. And my cell was out of charge too” I fumbled while explaining.
 “Hmm okay. I’ve sent Yadav & Tiwari to arrest that girl; she is daughter of Hero Honda Showroom Owner. I even sent your bike to get fixed; we’ll get it done for free. I will collect its papers from you when I will come to see you. Right now I am sending some money and some food with your useless friend…. What’s your name?
Zoheb sir
“Jo bhi hai, I will see you soon” and finally I took a breath and in a fraction of a second realized that I forgot that he sent two Policemen to arrest Naina!
I called him again “chacha call them back, She is my friend
What! Friend! What kind of friend! Who want to kill you! Or who almost killed you!” my cell almost fell off from hands.
But it wasn’t purely her fault, some problem with the car. Please call them back chacha, I beg you” I imagined kneeling in front of my whole family and asking them to accept me and Naina after we got married from a court, against the will of the world around us. Uhh imagination.
Hmm okay, whatever, but I will get your bike fixed for sure, and we will talk on it later, Remember that”, informed or warned but surely confused me.
  “Thanks a lot chacha” I felt relieved as I just saved her!
Zoe you are DEAD!’ sms sent.


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