It's not a Love Story: Chapter 4: No Facebook Only Love, Real Love ♥

Stuck in a room with dimensions 14x16 of ICU ward and not supposed to play much with phone as if anyone will see they will either throw it away or keep it till I get discharge, is not at all a happy situation  and I am supposed to live with it for next 14 days. However Naina’s thoughts were keeping me away from the dreads.
Another knock on door and before I could response a middle aged man came in.
Hello I am Dr. Swamy, Hospital’s owner” and sat on the chair next to the bed.
Why hospital’s owner came to see me, maybe he used to do a regular visit in all wards to ensure proper functioning of hospital or maybe to keep an eye on everyone but soon I realized it wasn’t.
My one status update plus front page story on paper created a buzz around my social circle and they all have gathered in hospital’s lobby and hospital’s management stopped them to come up as according to rules they can allows only 4 people to meet the patient in a day, apart from the family members. So they all have started creating nuisance and situation was really out of control for their security guards. Before calling the Police they have decided first to talk to me if I can make them understand the hospital’s conditions or not.
Social networking is really dangerous sometimes I thought while dialing Zoe’s number.
Where are you?” I asked.
I can’t hear you, they aren’t letting me in, and even I told them I have brought stuff from your home, but no effect and I think something bad is going to happen. Everyone is here and they aren’t letting anyone in.” He replied while I heard many voices coming from background.
 “Allow a guy called Zoheb, I will tell him how to handle it all.” I said to Dr. Swamy and he nodded in reply.
But before he could instruct people at lobby we heard a ferocious sound of police boots, and in no time uncle entered while 10 of his ordinates waited outside the ward.
How are you my son, you’ve hit really hard! How hurt is he Doctor?” he asked both of us in once.
Hello sir I am owner of this hospital, Anjit has got 7 fractures and some blood loss. Will need to be here for 15 days” Dr. Swamy replied after reading my reports.
“Okay, but why so many people are creating nuisance in lobby? You want to file any complain? Where is your friend? I sent him long ago? I would rather have brought everything on my own” again four questions, distributed equally in two persons and all at once. My uncle is really good at it.
“He is stuck in that mob; hospital security is not allowing anyone to come up. They are my friends from various colleges and they all have gathered after reading this” and I handed the paper to him.
Dr. Swamy explained him the hospital’s rules for visitors and emphasized the actual fact that is if I keep meeting people it won’t be good for me at all. It will result as stress only.
Okay I will handle them all, from family I don’t know who is coming but I will come twice a day and may be send a hawaldaar sometimes. You make a list of 6 friends of yours whom you want to be allowed, I will take care of the rest”, quite practical of him.
6!! Dr.  Swamy murmured, but he knows if DSP of the city is saying so then it can only be 6.
Zoheb, Raman, Priya, Mrinal, Nikita and Naina” he read out loud after taking the list from me.
I will provide them guest cards to avoid any inconvenience” Dr. Swamy said.
Take care” and they left together talking about formalities and stuff.

I will delete my facebook account soon I promised for 70th time.

Zoe came with two huge bags and a packet plus a fancy looking card tucked on his upper pocket which has Guest written on it. So he got his card.
Boy you should’ve seen how uncle handled them all. I guess there will be around 200+people and he made all of them understand without even shouting like he always shouts on us. He even promised to throw a party after you get discharged from here. You think he will organize one?? “and handed me packet which had a Tiffin box while bags had my cloths, towels, bed sheet and pillow for my 15 day stay.
Why pillow! And why you are staring at Tiffin? Stop it now it’s mine, only mine” and hid the tiffin behind.
Okay fine take it but don’t finish it”.
It has dhoklas in it; he took one out and stuffed it whole at once.
Look I need to rush, college : (”
“will come here after college, Priya and Mrinal will also come, don’t know about Niki. People are going crazy after reading today’s newspaper, too many questions are waiting for me at college” and took two more dhoklas for his walk to the ground floor.

SWEETHEART…I read that message again and in no time I started seeing her in my dream.

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