It's not a Love Story: Chapter 5:Love is Pain, Really?


Close your eyes,
Think of someone,
Dream of them,
Open your eyes,
She’s here!!
I rubbed my eyes thrice just to ensure that if I am still dreaming or she’s here in REAL.
Good Morning…Oops Good Afternoon Ansh. How are you? I thought you woke quite a long ago but you are still sleeping lazy boy”, and she sat on chair spreading bubbles of fragrance all around.
It took a few moments to decide that whether I should believe that she is here and feel her presence first or stop behaving like a nerd and greet her.
“Hey good morning Naina” I missed you a lot lot lot I replied, keeping the important part in heart.
How are you?”  She asked again.
Why her smile is so beautiful? why can’t she stop smiling; I am getting lost her smile with every passing moment.
All good All Okay” I just came out from coma when you entered the room, I replied while leaving the important part unsaid.
She scanned the whole room, my huge bags, that time machine, wires wrapped around me, oxygen cylinder, drips hanging in stands, box of dhokla, pillow under my plastered leg, which has written FOR MY LEG on it and suddenly she started laughing loud, real loud.
What happened?” I asked with a lot of surprise; however I liked it when she laughed. I think only girls can manage to look good even after bursting in to laughter.
Look what’s written on your plaster’ and continued her laughter spree.
 Kaminey take a lot of time to get well
Nurse Patakha hai!! :P
That’s Zoe for you, he always do that. Can’t help it”, and I tried not to laugh much harder, remember backache.
Ohh!” I guess Zoe’s name reminded her of yesterday’s scolding.
Does it hurt?” she asked.
Not much, but please don’t ask after sitting on it”, I tried my wit to normalize things.
She looked at me and said “You know last night I couldn’t sleep. I don’t know why but I was thinking of you, all the time” Yes! She was thinking of me last night. Thoughts of me made her wake all the night! She loves me too! 
50% + 25 %=75%, fair enough.
Ohh really! Why so?” I struggled hiding my I-am-in-Love expression which was dancing inside of me. But since I am no great in acting it was really hard to hide.
Actually I kind of felt bad as I am the only reason of you being here and only because of me you need to stay here for two weeks” and she wiped the tear which was about to fall from her eye.
How caring, she’s so sensitive, we’ll make a perfect life together, she’ll care for me, I‘ll care for her and we will be together forever.
“Hey don’t feel bad Naina, its okay. It’s not your fault at all and don’t worry about me at all. I‘ve spent half of my life in hospital only” and I tapped her hand while she was still in tears.
What! Half of your life! What does that mean?” she asked in surprise while her light brown, exactly as mine, got widen.
My friends call me M.I.A.K. i.e. Most Innocent Accident King” and I made a Rock Sign \m/
MIAK sounds quite weird, but why MIAK?”  Her eyes were still wide and expressions were same but the best thing was that now she had no tears at all. Strategy successful!
It’s my 23rd accident” I replied with signs of pride in my voice.
What!  23rd!! You are kidding right?” her eyes almost popped out which's not new for me as I have seen many people doing the same when I told them about my Accident history. Reason is quite simple as it’s really hard to believe that someone, who doesn't looks like strongest man on earth, can really survive 23 accidents.
No I’m not kidding at all. Don’t you think who on earth can survive a crash from car which is 40 times greater to his weight and is still alive to tell you it’s his 23rd accident and he’ll be back on road soon to see his 24th ;) “I replied controlling my laughter.
Please don’t say that”, and placed her palm on my hand and I felt what kind of feeling does birds have while flying in the open sky. I actually felt as if I am lighter than the air, ohh yes I am really flying! She touched  me for the first time! How these butterflies entered my room at 4th floor!   
“Hey it’s okay” I said
I have some astrological problem. I am accident magnet, you can’t help it” and softly I took her hand in my hand.
You are so sensitive, so caring” and most beautiful too, but again I skipped the most important part.
I am emotional too, everyone says that I am an emotional fool” and I could see she was really sad while saying this.
If someone whom you love is sad, worlds seems trivial, everything feels blue, even jokes playing on the radio doesn’t sounds funny at all, and in such moments you will do anything just to bring a smile on your love’s face or at least try to shift the topic to somewhere else.
Being an emotional fool is good, at least you can share your emotions with people who genuinely care for you, and in the end you won’t hurt yourself because people hardly care for anyone’s emotions. Like to have some dhokla?” and I opened box of dhokla.
“I just love dhokla” and she smiled. And I love you I thought.
So now where I am 50%+25%+5%= 80% yess!
How are you Mr. Super…” Dr. Riddhima entered and stopped in the middle of her sentence as she saw Naina inside. She looked at her, then made who-is-she gesture to me, then looked at Dhokla.
You must be Naina, Right?” she asked Naina and sneakingly made a Thumbs Up sign to me.
Yes I am, but how come you know Dr.?” she asked while trying to get rid of the dhokla in her mouth.
Anjit told me about you” she replied with a smile.
Ohh did he told you the reason how he knows me?” she asked in a worried tone.
Off course he did, but there shall always be a reason to let two people meet. If not then two strangers can never become friends” and Dr. Riddhi stole my lines.
Hmm right, should I leave? You came for checkup no?” she asked.
No No, No need of it. Its lunch time and I came to see him. We are Old friends. He forgot to tell you Right?” and she looked at me with a half wink.
No I didn’t. Naina meet Dr. Riddhima, my two year old friend, Dr. Riddhima meet Naina my one day Old friend” who is going to be mine forever soon I thought while trying to hide my nervousness.
Ohh Dhokla! You’d have informed me” and Dr. Riddhi took one and I think she sensed my nervousness too.
I was looking at Naina, Naina was looking at Dr. Riddhima and Dr. Riddhima was looking at graffiti on my plaster.
That must be Zoe’s work no?” she giggled while reading it.
Hmm you know himJI replied.
How come you two became friends?” Naina asked while her eyes blinked slowly.
Ansh will tell you” and she served paratha’s for us.
Only way to know her is meet an accident, get hospitalized and make a lot of fun there. I met Riddhi 2 years ago, when I met my 19th accident and initially we hated each other but later we realized we are actually quite like minded. Hence became friends, really close friends. However lost the touch right after I discharged from the hospital as she left that hospital and we had no contact of each other but destiny decided to make us meet again, so here we are” I told her two year long story in shortest possible manner, while Dr. Riddhima looked at me with a lot of care and love towards me and our friendship, and Naina looked at us without blinking her eyes, giving clear signs that something is grinding her mind.
You know Naina; he is the reason for my happily married life. If I ever write my love story, last vital pages will only be because of him. I had almost given up my relationship but…” tears filled her eyes due to a lot of emotions attached with our friendship and also because of that extremely spicy chili sauce that chachi sent.
Ohh I thought, umm nothing… Great!” and my angel smiled again.
Isn’t it great to have a friend like Dr. Riddhi, who not only understands what you feel but also understands the girl whom you love, she is the best.
Okay I need to be at Dad’s office at 2, so I better be leaving now. It’s been a great pleasure to meet you Dr. Riddhima”
“Call me Riddhi”, she interrupted.
Okay Riddhi, it’s been a great pleasure to meet you Riddhi and I will come to see you again soon. If not today then tomorrow Ansh”
“Can I write my message on your plaster?”  She asked with a smile that spread through her eyes.
Sure” and I passed a marker to her.
Get Well Soon ANSH
Yours NAiNA with a heart on ‘I’ that makes it I ♥.
bbye” she said and left and as she left Dr. Riddhi hugged me.
Yes she is the one! She is the one! Congratulations! You are officially in Love!! She loves you too! The way she reacted while she heard about us, you saw that?? She was jealous of us, that’s a clear sign that she is thinking of you in the same manner you are thinking!!” she seems even more excited than me.
Finally Love touched you, I am so so so so happy for you” and she continued while I was staring at door, seeing her leaving. I felt as if everything is getting dark, I could barely hear what Dr. Riddhi was saying, I was feeling a pain in my heart, like someone is pinching it.
Does it really hurt this much when someone whom you love leaves, even for a while?
Is it really hard to make you heart understand that she has a life too, and you didn’t even told her what you are feeling for her? How can you be so selfish?
Everyone says love is a pain, be it sweet or bitter, but I never imagined love can cause this much pain.
I had no clue what’s happening with me all I remember is I heard Dr. Riddhi screaming “EMERGENCY!! QUICK!”, and the light faded away and I saw darkness all around. 

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