It's not a Love Story: Epilogue

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What! You are writing out love story! That too on your blog! Are you gone nuts Ansh!!” Naina screamed as soon as Niki called her to tell my latest hit!
Hmm but I have told everyone that it’s a fiction, don’t worry, aur waise bhi no one reads my blog so don’t worry” I replied while digging even deeper in screen of my laptop.
But what’s the need? You want to tell everyone how we mate? I mean already half of the city knows how we met, now whom you want to tell?” she asked again with little irritation in her voice.
I am writing because I want you to what I felt when I fall in love with you” I replied while my fingers were still on keyboard.
Okay but do you think the people who will read your blog will believe that It’s a Fiction Not REAL? My name is there, Your Name is there and Niki told me that everything you wrote till now is sounding so real. How will you make people believe it’s a fiction?” she asked in concerned tone,
Don’t worry” I replied.
Why you name it It’s Not a Love Story, when it’s a clear love story?” She asked with a generous confusion.
Because it’s not just a love story, It has many lives involved, who made this love story happen for real.
Can you forget Riddhi? Shashank? Shreya? Zoe? Everyone who made us be together? “
I asked while I looked in her beautiful brown eyes which has a lot of love, for me, only me.
“No, never” She looked in my eyes.
Okay Go for it. Do let me know when you will complete it, okay” and she wrapped her hand from behind and looked at my laptop’s screen.
What are you doing?” sheasked.
Nothing I am composing Epilog of our Love Story” I replied holding her left hand.
What! And hey you wrote everything what we said NOW! Ansh……..”
“Yeah I know you love me and I love you…now hit the Publish button and make my blog complete as you made my life complete” and I held her hand and clicked Publish button.
“Do you think people will believe its Fiction?” She asked.
Does that matters?” I asked.
“Yes it does, because I don’t want anyone to fall in love with our love story”….

The End ;) 
Hope You all liked it :)
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AnSh :)

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