It's not a Love Story

Before you will start believing that its a Love story, I should tell you It's NOT a Love Story.
Its a fiction with real names and some real incidents  but has no relevance with the names. If any kind of resemblance is been felt by any of the reader (hope this time I get atleast one Reader, so that i can stop complaining NO ONE READS MY BLOG!), its purely coincidental and still you don't want to believe then Please let me know, I won't tell anyone that its your story, I will only put it on my status message :P.

Few things I want to clear:

1. Names may resemble with few people around me but they are not as they are being depicted :P
2. Everything which you will read is purely fiction.
3. Its not my story AGAIN :P
4. I Don't know what I am going to write hence ideas for further story are welcome.
5. Drop your comments,Provide feedback :)
6. Read above 5 points again ;)

AnSh :)


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