It's You, Only You...

Often in the nights I look at the sky,
And I start thinking that why I love you?
But I never get any answer,
Just because the list is too long…

I love the whisper of your voice,                     
I love the warmth of your touch,
And many little things you do,
Make me love you so much…

I love the way you always support me,
And always help me when I am in blues,
You always truly care for my emotions,
I really love when I see your devotion…

I love the moment when you look at me,
I love to see when your eyes shine,
When we sit together side by side,
I feel complete with immense pride,

So many things I see in my dreams,
And I love it when you see the same…
I just want to be lost with you forever,
That’s the only dream I always see…

I can fill many pages writing about you,
I can go on for days saying about you,
But nothing can express what I feel for you,
All I want to say is…....I love you,
and will love you forever and ever...

AnSh :)

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