All I do is ♥ you..

A bit old and more of random nature,
I wrote this one for my facebook page Bas Yun Hi (बस यूँ ही).
thought of posting it on blog as well :)

When you wear that old sweater,
Or your faded jacket,
Everyone stare at you.
They can’t see the person in you,
Just because they don’t love you,
They don’t even know who you are,
But it’s only me who know,
You are most beautiful girl I know…

I don’t remember when I fall in love with you,
Not because you wear an old sweater,
Not because you wear an old jacket,
Not because everyone laughs on you,
But because I love the person in you,
I don’t care how you look,
All I do is Love you and only you…

AnSh :)

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