When I fall in Love ♥

It was a beautiful day when I fall in love,
When I thought I will always be with her,
All the melancholy was gone forever,
And all the happiness came with her,
She always had so much love and care,
And we became everything for each other…

In moments of glee smiled with her,
In moments of grief shared tears with her,
She dried my tears and kept me so near,
And I forgot the glooms when I hugged her,
A smile comes with sweet memories of her,
As I relive the moments shared with her…

I spent all my nights and days with her,
And lived life twice than I could ever,
I became what I am just because of her,
All my memories are filled with pictures of her,
She never got to know what I felt for her,a
But when I fall in love, I fall only for her…

AnSh :)

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