Always Around You..

A freezing dawn of January,
Mystique mist covering the itinerary,
Chilling air reaching inside the cloths,
And then I heard soft whispers,
Saying “Don't go back to sleep”
I thought it’s an illusion,
And it’s only my mind’s creation,
But I heard it again,
Now in a familiar voice,
Saying “Don't go back to sleep”

It kept saying the mystique,
After a while my tears roll down,
But smile came at the end,
When I heard it all,
It told me to stop for a while,
Turn and don’t look back,
But I ignored the last sentence,
And looked back with oddity,
I saw the two worlds meeting at horizon,
I saw the door of second world,
Round in shape with golden architrave,
Full of clouds and it was left open,
I tried looking at the shadow inside,
When I saw my ‘Angel’ coming,
And said “Don't go back to sleep,
Because I am no Dream,
I am in real,
Whenever You will think of me,
I will always be there,
Always around you”… ♥

AnSh :)

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