I remember the last winter that we spent together,
The time when we thought that we'd last forever,
And now without you my whole world is shattered,
I wish I could have told you before you were gone,
I wish I could have showed you that how I love you, 
Still you are the only reason of my happiness,
And it’s you, who brings me out of the darkness…

I want to make me believe I can never have you,
I want to believe you were meant to be away,
But I still feel your arms wrapped around me,
Making me forget the winds of freezing January,
I can never forget that I lost you before you could be mine,
And I can’t stop me from thinking of you all the time,
I live your memories that make you never let go…

I don’t want anyone to involve when I am with you,
I don’t want anyone to cross the line and see you,
I don’t know whether you could ever know or not,
With my every breath I wanted you to be mine,
But God played and made my dream shattered brutally,
And with each passing day I am dying slowly… 


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