Be With You ♥

A feeling often I get in the night,
That makes me shiver in fright,
It always comes when sun goes down,
When the darkness spreads all around,
The cool breeze swirls through my hairs,
And I smile thinking of someone, somewhere,
The smile that I share with someone at distance,
That makes me feel she’s standing next to me,
I feel her soft fingers caressing my hairs,
And a whisper that says “I love you” my ears,
That gives me feeling of love that always lingers,
Still I know everything I see is not for real,
And dream of being with you is only surreal,
But that don’t let me stifle my heart’s feelings,
All I want now is to be with you tonight,
Even if I have to imagine it with all my might,
I will spend my night gazing above at moon,
And Smile with wish to be with you soon…

AnSh :)

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