A Journey called Life

This one is called "A journey called Life"
No rhymes, only random thoughts :)
Feel free to share,comment :)

When I walked barefoot on the riverside, 
I felt the soft sand between my toes…

Tender breeze was coming from the river,
Sand was cold and had small shells too, 
Often the water touched my feet,
And went back where it belongs to…

I tossed a pebble towards the river,
And stopped there till it made ripples,
Then walked up to my favorite place,
From where I always see the sunset…

As sun glides below the river,
I get ready to walk back to same way,
Over the same sand and shells,
Throwing same pebbles in the river…

At the end of path I take my shoes,
And come out from the thoughts,
That keeps making ripples in my mind,
Even after getting away from the place…

I keep walking on sands of time,
And often forget the world around me,
The ripples of thoughts keep me alive,
And make me live a journey called life…

AnSh :)

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